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4 Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear

TLDR: We take a look at the potential benefits of not wearing underwear, which might surprise you. From less thrush to being more comfortable – we think it’s worth a go!


Benefits to not wearing underwear? Theres actually 4, and rhey might suprise you. Its world no pants today, so go celebrate 👙

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If you have spent years wearing underwear all day and all night, then you might want to hear some of the benefits of ditching the knickers.

After reading the benefits of not wearing underwear, we’re pretty sure you’ll be keen to give yourself some freedom downstairs. 

benefits of not wearing knickers

What is commando?

Commando is another term for not wearing underwear. You might go commando when:

  • You have an outfit that you show underwear
  • You keep getting yeast infections (and probiotics aren’t helping)
  • You’re fed up with having a wedgie 
  • You forgot to pack them after a night at a friend’s (we’ve all been there)

What are the benefits of not wearing underwear?

Not wearing undies does actually have some advantages. It makes sense when you think about it too. Keeping any body part restricted, particularly the areas that are warm and dare I say it, moist…

A breeding ground for bacteria!

Here are 4 benefits of not wearing underwear

1. Reduces the risk of a yeast infection

According to Healthline, not wearing undies helps reduce to risk of yeast infections. Undies made of synthetic material, such as nylon, traps heat and moisture, increasing the risk of infections. 

It might be a case of going commando at night, to give your vulva and vagina time away from the tight synthetic materials.

If you’re struggling with yeast infections you may want to think about supplementing probiotics. You can read all about the benefits of probiotics here.

2. Helps relieve dampness and odour 

If you are someone who sweats a lot or has lots of discharge then not wearing underwear could be a good idea. Moisture trapped in the nethers by underwear can start smelling pretty ripe. Going commando allows the sweat to evaporate and keep these smells at bay. 

3. It’s comfortable

A huge benefit of not wearing underwear is that it’s comfortable. No one wants underwear bunching up, falling down, or finding its way up your bum every time you stand up… Going commando is comfy. Particularly in bed. 

benefits of not wearing knickers

4. Gives your skin a break from chemicals 

Underwear has lots of skin on skin contact. Clothes contain chemicals, and so does washing powder. Your skin may thank you for the break!

Can you go commando on your period?

There’s no reason why you can’t go commando on your period if you are wearing a tampon or a cup. 

However, remember, there is one less layer of fabric so watch out for leaks. It might not be ideal to go commando on day two wearing white jeans… 

If you’re switching to a cup, check out our blog on how to keep your menstrual cup clean.

Can you not wear underwear to the gym?

There’s no reason why you can’t go pantless to the gym. In fact, it’s advised to change your underwear after exercise to avoid sweaty clothes causing irritation.

Things to think about when not wearing underwear 

  • You might want to avoid tight clothes when not wearing underwear. Try swapping a pair of leggings for joggers, even just around the house. Tight shorts for loose floaty ones. Let your vulva breathe!
  • Wash your clothes often. Even if you just wash the crouch every time you wear your clothes without pants. 
  • If you are on your period, make sure you change your tampon or cup often to avoid leaks 

How to start going commando 

It might be a little daunting at first. You will likely feel that everyone knows you’ve got no pants on.

Start off at night to give yourself 8 hours of freedom. Then, when you feel comfortable, try short trips out in clothes that keep you covered. 

Pro tip: Avoid floaty skirts on windy days! 

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