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Top 5 Wellness Podcasts we Love Listening to

Podcasts are brilliant. Pop in your headphones, head out for a walk and you can hear from some really inspiring people with no screens involved. This is the ideal solution for when you want to learn something new, feel inspired, but you don’t want to be on your phone or watching TV.

I like to listen to all sorts of different podcasts, from mystery to business and short stories. However, the category that shows up most often in my recently listened to is health and wellness.

Here are my 5 best wellness podcasts that I think you’ll love too.

Alice Liveing – Give Me Strength

You might know Alice Liveing by her former Insta handle, Clean Eating Alice. Alice has come a long way since those days and changed her handle to suit. 

Give Me Strength features interviews with well-known female celebs such as Fearne Cotton, Alesha Dixon as well as medics and professionals such as physiotherapists, pelvic health experts, nutritionists and mental health advocates. These interviews are designed to help women build mental and physical resilience to be empowered, healthy, strong and happy.

Madeleine Shaw – Get your Glow Back

When Get your Glow Back first started it was all about mums. However, 85 episodes down the line and it has gone much deeper. Hear from a famous author who travels the world alone, a Boozeless Bruch creator, self-love advocate, breathwork coach and so much more.

If you want to learn about sustainability, self-care, mental health, motherhood, fertility, cancer, hormones, healthy habits and everything in between, tune in the Get Your Glow Back podcast. 

Fearne Cotton – Happy Place

Happy Place is an absolute gem. 

Host, Fearne Cotton, talks to influential people about life, love, loss and everything in between. One I could listen to again and again was Philip Schofield where he opens up about his marriage and personal life. I cried. I laughed. 

You might be surprised who you hear has had struggles in their life, people who seemingly have it all. Enjoy interviews with Stacey Solomon, Robbie Williams, Gareth Southgate, Sam Smith, James Arthur and so many more

Frankie Bridge – Open Mind

Frankie Bridge’s Open Mind is one I discovered off the back of another podcast, but I was quickly hooked. Frankie talks openly about her own struggles with anxiety and interviews others who have had similar experiences. 

There is something comforting about listening to other people’s stories when they connect with your own. It also helps you understand why some people are the way they are.

Hear interviews with Ellie Goulding, Elizabeth Day and Russell Kane. You’ll also find a selection of self-care sessions where experts share insight into topics such as digital detoxes, lockdown and anxiety, loneliness, stress and food disorders. 

If you would like other places to learn about mental health, check out our post 5 Places to Learn about Mental Health.

Elizabeth Day – How to Fail

Now for something a little different. In this podcast, best selling author, Elizabeth Day, shares her own failures and interviews famous people on theirs. People who you’d look at and think they have never failed in their life. Turns out, failure can be the path to success! 

Notable people such as Holly Willoughby, Ruby Tandoh, Derren Brown, Dolly Alderton and so many more talk about where they failed in life and how it ultimately helped them or shaped who they are. 

Surely this one will leave you feeling inspired! 

Wellness podcasts to listen to

There you have our top 5 wellness podcasts. But, we are always open to listening to others! Please share your favourites with us and we will be sure to tune in on our next walk. 

  • Give me Strength 
  • Get your Glow Back
  • Happy Place
  • Open Mind
  • How to Fail

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