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5 Books on Periods You Need to Read

I don’t think I properly learned about my period until I was 28 and trying for a baby. Before that time my period was just an interruption and bloody annoying.

I had to actively go out and learn what my body was up to by reading books on periods and listening to podcasts. 

Quite shocking really that I managed to get 17 years into my period not knowing much more than it comes, it goes, mostly it’s late, it makes my thighs hurt. I don’t think I’m alone here either. 

Knowing and understanding your period can be a window into your health and your mind. You just need to get to know it. Not only that but us girls need to go about breaking this taboo, these books will inspire you to do just that.

Here are a few books on periods that I would recommend if you are looking to learn more than the basics you learned 10 (or more) years ago at school. Or if you are ready to educate some other young ladies about periods. I will certainly be sharing what I’ve learned with my daughter.

The whole cycle is actually very clever, extremely interesting and can tell you a lot more about your life than ‘you need to buy tampons.’

It can even impact your exercise – if you want to get into the nitty gritty of that then make sure you read our blog How to workout at each stage of your menstrual cycle.

5 Books on Periods

Period Repair Manual - Lara Briden


If you have been following our blogs for a while you might have read ‘how to get your period back when it goes’. I wrote that based on my experience of getting my period back after under eating and over exercising. 

The Period Repair Manual was like my bible when I was learning about periods. It goes through so much detail about how your period can get damaged and what you can do to help ‘fix’ it. After following the advice in this book I got into a rhythm of a more regular cycle.

The main focus is how natural treatments can help you have a better, healthier period. 

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period power. - Maisy Hill


Maisie Hill is a doula and women’s health practitioner and shares her knowledge on all things periods. It is a handbook to help you work with your period, rather than dread it. 

One of the tips in this book is to keep track of your moods using a diary and plotting this alongside your cycle. That way you can see how your hormones affect you personally each month.

Knowing this can be a valuable bit of information as you might find certain days of the month you feel more anxious and will know not to book anything that is going to heighten those feelings.

Or other days when you feel fantastic and confident (usually around ovulation) you know that is a good day for a work presentation! 

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HelloFlo: The Guide. Period


Okay, this one of the books on periods is more for younger girls but if you are preparing yourself to talk to a loved one about periods then it could be a good book to read together. It is a funny and honest account of the changes us girls go through. 

There are illustrations and infographics, some serious and some just for fun. We loved this one for how it encourages female empowerment and for us to feel normal about what happens in our bodies.

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It's About Bloody Time. Period


Possibly less of education and more of entertainment, Emma Barnett shares period stories that will make you laugh and cry as well as a period history lesson. 

There is a pretty good reason for this book. Emma is trying to smash the taboos that still exist around periods even in the 21st century. You could easily devour this book over a weekend. Easy to read and entertaining. 

One review writes: Clever, useful and wise. Read it. Pass it on to your daughters. And then to your sons. 

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Ask Me About My Uterus - Abby Norman

This book is slightly different to the other ones. However, we think it makes the list for best books about periods. 

Author Abby Norman writes how she suffered un-diagnosed endometriosis for years. Like many other women she was brushed off, with doctors not believing her. It is an eye opening, real life story that highlights gender bias. 

Sadly, this book will be hugely relatable for so many women. It is a very honest book which one reviewer writes ‘I found myself in tears relating to this book! Seriously amazing read!

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books on periods you need to read

The Happy Vagina - Mika Simmons

This book is the ultimate guide to women’s health. From gender bias in health care to de-stigmatising the vagina and feminism. It addresses so many important and taboo subjects, alongside some of the most beautiful illustrations. 

It’s a straight-talking book, and makes you feel like you’re sitting with your best friend talking about all things women’s health and sexual wellness. We love it!

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Reading books on periods is a great way to get to know your body better and work with your period.

Not only will these books help with your period knowledge but also make you appreciate how amazing the female body is.

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