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benefits of taking maca root

6 Benefits Of Maca Root To Get Excited About

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Boost libido, reduce night sweats, get energised – these are just a few benefits of Maca Root. Check out why you need to try this power plant.

6 Benefits Of Maca Root To Get Excited About

Maca root is an absolute powerhouse of a plant. 

We’ve been using this supplement for a few years now and can see the benefits of maca root first hand. There is research ongoing by top notch scientists, and granted, there isn’t a huge amount of detailed studies just yet – the big wigs of research were probably busy working out vaccines for the last few years, so we will let them off. 

But, we can see there’s some real potential here, even just from the small studies and our own experience.

Here are 6 benefits of Maca Root to get excited about.

benefits of maca root

Boost sex drive

While research into this benefit of maca root is ongoing, there are some studies to suggest that a daily dose of the power plant may help enhance your libido. Low libdo can be caused by stress, hormone shifts, depression, anxiety, pregnancy, and the menopause. Which leads me nicely onto the next benefit of maca root.

benefits of maca root

Aid menopause symptoms

It’s no secret that the menopause can leave you with some uncomfortable symptoms. Hot flushes and night sweats are amongst them. But, you don’t have to live with it. We know there are meds on the market that can help, and there are also natural supplements that you can take alongside them. One study found that postmenopausal women who took two daily tablets containing maca root experienced fewer hot flushes and nightsweats. We like the sound of that!

benefits of maca root

Increase energy 

Find yourself flagging a lot? Tired of being tired? Maca root could be your saviour. A benefit of maca root is that it can give you energy that lasts the whole day, without the jitters or come down that coffee can bring. 

Pop your maca root capsules each morning and enjoy a day of sustained energy and hard focus.

benefits of maca root capsules
benefits of maca root

Enhance memory and learning 

Find yourself asking, “what did I come in here for?” or struggle to learn something new as you get older? You’re not alone.
Maca root can help combat this. One study found that the powerful powder can increase memory in mice. Other reviews and research documents have discussed how it may be beneficial for helping Alzheimer’s disease. Currently research has only been done on animals, but it’s worth a go if it means you might stop walking into a room and forgetting why!

benefits of maca root

Help fertility 

Maca root has been researched to find that it may increase semen quality in men. It also has a positive effect on estrogen levels which may help with increasing chances of getting pregnant. 

These effects on female and male reproductive systems, coupled with increased sex drive and energy, will hopefully help get things started.

benefits of maca root

Improve mood

Small studies have found that maca root may help improve mood. One study involving 14 post menopausal women found that maca may reduce anxiety and depression.

Maca Root By Our Remedy

Benefits of Maca Root

Maca root is a supplement we have on our kitchen side, ready to remember to take each day. We feel it gives us energy, helps with our focus, and is a great mood and memory booster. 

Our maca root is in a package that you will want to proudly display, because it’s really quite something.

Buy maca root online here

benefits of maca root capsules

Any questions at all, feel free to email us [email protected] or drop us a message on instagram @itsourremedy We would love to hear from you!

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