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7 Simple Ways to Turn your Bathroom into a Spa

Turn your bathroom into a spa – honestly it’s possible with a little creative thinking!

A trip to the spa is a real treat. Time to take your mind off everything and sink into a jaw loosening, shoulder dropping experience.

Here’s the downer (sorry), getting to the spa isn’t always a reality. 

turn bathroom into spa

At the point of writing this in January 2021 they are sadly closed. Closed at a time they are possibly more needed than ever while we face more anxiety, stress and uncertainty than most of us have known in our lives. 

Then when they are open again you might not have the budget or time to get there.

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t all a downer. We are going to share some practical ideas to bring that spa experience home by turning your bathroom into a spa!

There’s no need to re-tile the bathroom to create your sanctuary either, put the trowel away and read on. 

turn your bathroom into a spa

Turn your bathroom into a spa

1.Set the Mood

turn bathroom into spa If your bathroom is anything like mine, you’ll have spotlights or one single bulb. This doesn’t make for the most relaxing spa bathroom.

While installing dimmer lighting could be your long term goal, for now create an atmosphere with candle light. For the ultimate luxury bath just add lots of candles!

Another way to set the mood is with music. A quick search on Spotify or YouTube should bring up some relaxing spa music to accompany your spa bath.

 2. Fragrance 

bathroom into spa A fragrance diffuser can really heighten the spa-like feel. Think back to the last time you had a treatment, chances are it smelled amazing.

Add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender or frankincense to your oil diffuser.

These oils are also said to have therapeutic and relaxing benefits to help you de stress and calm the mind. 

3. Think drink

turn bathroom into a spa We opened up a chat on Instagram about the best way of turning your bathroom into a spa, asking what drinks people take into a bath.

It was an interesting mix of responses with people suggesting ice cold water, or a hot cup of tea.

We also had suggestions for a glass of wine (but to bring the bottle so you don’t need to get out, wet and naked, for a refill!)

We love to add a dose of CBD oil to a chamomile tea for the ultimate relaxation! 

4. Flowers

bathroom into spa When you are planning on turning your bathroom into a spa plan ahead with a trip to the local florist or supermarket.

Look out for yellow sticker flowers that have a short shelf life and are going for a quick sale. 

Always love to grab a bargain and feels less wasteful to add flowers at the end of their life to brighten up a bath. It feels so luxurious to have flowers in your bath!

5. Remove eyesores from sight

turn bathroom into spa If you have children then no doubt you will be all too familiar with a T-Rex floating next to you while you are trying to relax.

As part of your bath preparation put any toys, shampoo bottles and general clutter away.

After all, you don’t see shampoo bottles or T-Rexes in the spas, well none I have been to anyway! 

6. Add Lemon

turn bathroom into spa Do you have some lemons on the turn?

Sliced lemons are a great addition to your bath as they are thought to help tighten large pores, relieve tired skin and even help cool you down. 

7. Lock the door!

turn bathroom into spa If you were at the spa then housemates, children and husbands with no boundaries will not come in asking to use the toilet, get in with you or talk about mundane life things that you have no time for when you are at the spa!

Make sure you lock that door so everyone in the house knows to leave you in peace.

Accessories to turn your bathroom into a spa

These accessories don’t have to break the bank in the slightest. In fact, you might already have some of the things ready to style like a spa.

Here are a few ideas of accessories to help turn your bathroom into a spa experience:

  • Rolled up bath towels 
  • Bath tub tray 
  • Jars full of sea salts, soaps and other goodies
  • Plants
  • Bath jet to make it feel like a jacuzzi! 
  • Soft bath mat

So while the spa might be a little out of reach sometimes, the spa experience doesn’t have to me.

Throw on your fluffy robe, light some candles and take a long hot soak.

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