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going sober for a year

Could Going Sober for a Year be the Best Thing for Us?

going sober for a year

One year no beer. Could you do it?

Could going sober for a year be the change you need in your life?

Alcohol can affect our judgement, make us act in ways we never would sober and cloud our productivity the following day. 

You don’t have to be an alcoholic or alcohol dependent to think about going sober for a year. You might just recognise that you aren’t quite yourself after a drink, or the beer fear the next day is just too intense. 

I’ve noticed a trend amongst friends and young people in the last few years. They’re not drinking. Gone are the days when the teens are down the local park shooting vodka from the bottle cap. They’re the Instagram generation, they’re ditching Disaronno for dumbbells. 

Lots of my friends are the same. They’re not all switching the gin for the gym though. They’ve just noticed their beer fear, or hangover anxiety too much. 

How do you start going sober for a year? 

We share our top tips for going sober for a year, all while opening up your options for things to do. 

Try new things 

If you used to do bottomless brunches and you’re getting sick to the back teeth of avo and eggs, then sobriety can give you new activities to try. How about white water rafting, yoga retreats, rock climbing, long bike rides with coffee stop offs or open water swimming? You’ll be surprised how much energy you have without being tanked up.

Talk to your friends

Chances are all of your friends are not going to be joining you on your one year no beer journey and that is fine. Just talk to your friends about your reasons for doing this challenge. 

Or, if you don’t think your friends will take it well then be the designated driver or always have a reason why you can’t be sipping the prosecco. This second option could be pretty tiring though, we say it is always best to be honest and hopefully your friends will respect your decision. 

Get productive

Have you been thinking about starting a side hustle? Or are you looking to nab that promotion at work? Now is the time. With a clear head from no weekend or weeknight drinking you’ll be sleeping better and will be less lethargic the morning (or week!) after a night out. 

With no need to lie in bed or hug the porcelain throne for hours in the morning, you’ll have so much more to get up and go. 

Lazy sundays could become super sundays. 

Set yourself a goal

During your going sober for a year journey do you want to achieve something specific? It could be to start a business, learn to drive, get fit and healthy. Whatever it is, now is a great time to set that goal and stick to it. Without a hangover looming over your weekend you’ll have the extra time to achieve your goals. 

You may well notice that your waistline starts to shrink. Look at it this way. Alcohol = empty calories. Hangovers = salty, fried foods. Both of those = expanding waistline.

Look after your skin

When you stop drinking you might notice that your skin starts to improve. Alcohol is a toxin which can cause skin inflammation, dehydration and redness. When you stop drinking it could be the perfect time to pick up your skincare routine.

You also may find that your skin can change during your period but dont worry, we have a blog all about that

Could going sober for a year change your life?

Going sober for a year and beyond could open up your life to new activities, new passions and a new sense of wellbeing. 

You might learn something about yourself that you were masking with nights out and copious bottles of wine. Maybe you weren’t all that happy. Maybe you were avoiding something.

Oh- and just because you are a year sober, or longer, it doesn’t mean you become boring. You can still go out and enjoy yourself. You just might find that there is a natural shift in things you like to do now you aren’t drinking. 

I am taking on the challenge. One year, no beer.

Let’s go! 


If you need some more insiration, the lovely @veganbabelife has been sober for 5 years and has loads of really helpful tips if you need some more support.

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