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apps to track menstrual cycle

Best Apps to Track Your Menstrual Cycle

best apps to track your menstrual cycleThere is an app for basically everything these days and we are here for it.

We love that you can easily organise your finances, social calendar, photos, get fit and even track your menstrual cycle and we have put together a list of the 3 best apps to track your menstrual cycle.

We’ve been using menstrual cycle tracking apps for a few years now. They can help you to remember when you had your last period, work out your fertile windows and predict when your next period will show up. 

This really takes the guesswork out of your period. You can even add in your symptoms and moods to see if you can see any patterns over time. Knowing all this can help you to organise your life around how you might be feeling throughout the month. 

There is something really powerful about understanding your body. You can learn how you might feel, whether you can plan to have cramps when you might see certain types of CM (cervical mucus). Learning what

Here are our 3 best apps to track your menstrual cycle


I have been using Glow for years. It is one I have come to know and love. There is a premium version, but the free one has worked out just fine for what I need it for. 

You can add in your period dates and get accurate predictions for fertile days and when your next period may be due. It can take a few months for it to learn about your cycle, but when it knows I found it to be quite accurate. 

You can use it to track your BBT and CM, which is something you might do if you are using natural family planning. You can also record your moods, sleep, symptoms and stress. It breaks this all down into a nice analysis too. Some of which is only accessed on the premium version, but you can see the basic data just on the free app. 

Join the community and chat everything about fertility, lifestyle, relationships and even find cycle buddies.

Download Glow to start your period tracking journey.


Flow Period and Ovulation Tracker is another great app to track your menstrual cycle. You can track your dates, add reminders (like to take your pill), log symptoms, predict your next period and ovulation dates. 

There is also a community within this app where you can ask questions and read other people. Flo provides well-researched articles too that you can read and comment on.

Why not track your health beyond your period with Flo


Clue gives you a clue into your cycle. At a quick glance, it tells you your fertile window, safe days and when you can expect your period. The cycle predictions calendar gives you chance to plan ahead.

Add in how you feel each day too. This will help you to keep track of how you feel at different points in your cycle. 

When the app gets to know you and your cycle, and if you have provided data for symptoms and moods, it will tell you what you might expect each day.

Check your cycle analysis to see what is typical for your body including cycle length, period length and cycle variation. 

Just like the other apps, you can set reminders for periods or to take your BBT. There is also a section of articles where you can learn more about your body. 

Pregnant? Use this app to track how the baby is developing too.

Download it here to get started.

Why track your menstrual cycle with an app?

  • Take the guesswork out of your period
  • Get period predictions
  • Understand when your ovulation window might be 
  • Join a community of people with periods 
  • Read relevant articles
  • Track your mood so you can plan your life around them 
  • Plan or avoid a pregnancy 
  • Log your BBT and see a chart over the month 
  • Learn more about how your body works 

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