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Best Tea for Cramps

Could tea really help periods? Best tea for cramps incoming...

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There’s nothing quite like a warm and comforting cup of tea is there? It can help you cope with almost anything. Sweet tea is often given to help with shock and a strong cuppa goes down a treat during the 3pm slump. However, your average cup of builders tea isn’t going to help you deal with those period cramps. 

In fact, drinking caffeinated teas while bent over double with cramping isn’t a good idea. Caffeine can cause blood vessels to narrow, causing more cramps. 

The best tea for cramps is going to be caffeine free, that includes ingredients that help with your period symptoms. That includes cramping, bloating and even irritability.

What is the best tea for cramps and other period symptoms?


Before you get your period progesterone levels are at their highest. This can slow down your digestive system and cause you to feel constipated and bloated. Then, when your period shows up you might notice that the bloating remains because your body hangs onto more water and salt. 

Peppermint tea has been studied using animal models to find that it may relax the gut and reduce bloating. A cup of peppermint tea before bed or after a big meal may well help you with this uncomfortable period symptom. 

Sometimes, if you feel up to it, a short walk followed by a warming peppermint tea can really help to ease the uncomfortable bloat.


There’s been research into chamomile tea for periods. One study found that chamomile has antispasmodic properties. These may help to relieve cramps during periods. There’s even some thought that it can help with low mood as well as sleep. 

A cup of chamomile tea before bed during your period could help you to sleep and may reduce your cramps. 

Raspberry leaf

Love raspberry leaf tea. It’s so tasty! But there’s more to it than that.

Raspberry leaf is rich in iron. It is a good idea to keep these levels topped up during your period, particularly if you have a heavy flow. 

This tea not only tastes great but it also may help ease painful cramping. 

Oh My Flo

Oh My Flo tea has key ingredients which may help to fight off period symptoms, including low mood, anxiety, poor sleep and of course, cramps. 

On the ingredients list you’ll find, Schisandra berries to help fight stress and fatigue, raspberry leaf for iron and possible help with cramping, goji berries, the superfood for skin, anxiety and depression and rosehip which may reduce inflammation and pain.

All these ingredients combined may help to beat your PMS and leave you feeling like you’ve just had a nice warm hug. 

Do you know another best tea for cramps that helps during your period? What is your go to solution? Let us know on @itsourremedy or [email protected]

We love nothing more than curling up with a cup of Oh My Flo tea, and enjoying a few pages of our book as a distraction from the cramps while the tea works its magic. 

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