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how to make black friday eco friendly

7 Tips To Make Black Friday Eco Friendly

How to make Black Friday Eco Friendly 

Black Friday doesn’t traditionally have the eco friendly ethos that we love here at Our Remedy. Whether it is tech or fast fashion, flash sales encourage people to buy things they don’t need. Overconsumption inevitably leads to more in the landfill, more products being made and more delivery emissions.

However, there are a few ways to make this an eco-friendly Black Friday.

Here are a few tips to have an eco friendly Black Friday

Buy from just one business to reduce shipping

Choose one company to buy from this Black Friday rather than shopping at lots of different places. This will reduce the emissions that come with shipping and delivery. 

Support local businesses with eco friendly offerings


Thank you for shopping local sign in window - Black Friday

With 80% of the UK public reported to be concerned or fairly concerned about climate change it’s no surprise that brands and businesses are trying to be more eco friendly. Whether you are buying a candle from a local seller or a new TV from a tech giant, check their eco ethos. Spend your time and money shopping at places that treat the planet as a priority.

At Our Remedy our CBD comes in eco friendly, plastic free packaging printed with soy ink. We can offer collections from our store, or delivery. 

Buy energy efficient tech 

If you have some tech on your list to buy this Black Friday then make sure it is eco friendly and energy efficient. 

Buy only what you need 

With a new sale email dropping in your inbox every 5 minutes and Instagram ads targeting you, you might feel that you suddenly need all the things. You don’t. 

A few days before these emails and ads flood in, write a list of exactly what you are hoping to buy in the sales. Remember, you need to wear something 30 times for it to be sustainable.

Buy something that will help you be more eco friendly in the future 

I’m thinking of things like those laundry eggs, refillable spray bottles, energy efficient tech. Look for things that will help you be more eco friendly going forward. Maybe now is the time to try reusable period products – one of our fav period care brands is & sisters!! Go check them out

Click and collect when you can to cut out the extra step in the chain

Where possible, click and collect from a local shop. You can take a walk to the store to collect your item and cut out a step in the chain. 

When shopping in a store, take your own bags! 

Always remember to take your own bags when you go to the shops. Not got one? This is a great example of something eco friendly you can buy on Black Friday that will help you use less plastic in the future.

Black Friday Deals

At Our Remedy we aren’t for going on a wild spending spree on Black Friday. However, we do use the sales to shop at small businesses with an eco friendly offering. 

We’re doing Black Friday a little differently this year.  We have a sale going live next week, you can sign up HERE to be the first to hear about the offer…

We hope this encourages you to shop slowly, and think about your decision. 

If you don’t use this offer to stock up for yourself then it could make a really good Christmas gift! 

how to make black friday eco friendly


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