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Every Bottle Gives Back

Our Work With Bloody Good Period

We are a brand that gives back, not only to the environment – since our packaging is environmentally friendly – but to charity too. With each product sold we make a donation to Bloody Good Period – the UK’s period poverty charity.

Why Bloody Good Period?

We know what it’s like to suffer with painful periods. It can be debilitating, overwhelming and case a huge shadow over our daily lives. However we cannot appreciate the plight of having a heavy, painful period and not be able to afford basic sanitary necessities.
By offering donations to Bloody Good Period, the self-care is no longer ‘selfish care’ since you’re helping yourself and others too.
Period poverty is a very real problem and we feel privileged to be doing our bit to help.

“Menstrual supplies are not cheap, but for anyone with a period, they are, of course, an absolute necessity.”

– Bloody Good Period

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