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Over 50 5* reviews | Our shipping is totally free!

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Our Remedy Launch – Bottomless Brunch London

Who doesn’t love a bottomless brunch London? Especially when they’re serving up delicious veggie patties and lashings of prosecco. This is what Our Remedy launch looked like on the 5th of October 2019. 

The bottomless brunch was held at the Skinny Kitchen London at the beginning of October. With just girls on the guestlist for the Our Remedy launch, it was a perfect time to showcase our CBD product. 

What is Our Remedy?

Our Remedy is designed by women, for women.

We know all too well the aches and pains that periods and endometriosis can cause, the stress of hormone changes and the anxieties that come and go through the month. 

80% of women suffer from period pain and 10% with endometriosis.

However, it doesn’t have to be suffering. More women are seeking out natural alternatives to popping pain killers. Therefore Our Remedy has been a hit with the ladies.

our remedy events bottomless brunch

What can CBD help with?

CBD has been known to help with conditions such as pain and inflammation. It can also relax smooth muscle tissue, which is the type lining the womb.

During your period these muscles contract, causing cramps that can get in the way of everyday life. Using CBD may help to relax this and ease the pain. 

The cannabinoid has also been known to help with anxiety, headaches, sleep issues and to balance hormones.

All of which can be troublesome during the menstrual cycle. We brought it along to our bottomless brunch London for our guests to try. 

our remedy bottomless brunch london

Why did people like it?

Guests at the bottomless brunch London were impressed by the flavor of Our Remedy and how easy it was to use. We heard things like:

“I didn’t expect it to taste nice!”
“It’s really easy to take with the dropper.”
“I could easily take this everyday with my vitamins.”

Bottomless Brunch guests
our remedy bottomless brunch london

The party attracted women of different ages, all dressed in their best pink outfits. Snaps were taken against the pink flower wall and along the beautifully decorated tables.

The bottomless brunch London was a great success. One which we all enjoyed hosting. 

If you’d like to join us at our next event then you’ll be glad to know you haven’t got to wait long!

We are hosting a charity swap shop on the 9th of November, The Womb Room, Hackney. For more details about this event, check out our blog. However, you will need to make sure you get yourself signed up soon!

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