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Can I take CBD abroad

Can I take CBD abroad?

If you’re going on holiday, travelling or maybe even moving overseas, you will want to know, can I take CBD abroad.

Unfortunately, just because you’re going on holiday it doesn’t mean you’ll be period pain-free. Your cycle will go on whatever time zone you might be in. This will mean that you’ll be likely to want to pack your CBD oil.

You might want the cannabinoid not only for period pains but travelling may impact your sleep and anxiety levels, particularly if you are a nervous flyer! 

In this blog, we will answer all your questions on taking your CBD abroad.

Can I use CBD on the plane 

If you use CBD tincture drops, such as Our Remedy, then you will be able to take it on the plane. However, if you vape CBD e-liquid then you will not be able to do this as use of electric cigarettes is forbidden on planes.

You might find that using CBD before your plane journey helps you to relax. If you are heading on a long flight then you might need a top-up mid-flight. For nervous flyers or someone who finds it hard to relax on a flight, then CBD might be just what you need. 

Why might you take CBD abroad

If you have been using your CBD daily to help balance hormones, reduce PMS and control period pains, then going without it for your holiday might feel impossible. 

Is it legal to travel with CBD?

You’ll be glad to know that taking CBD abroad is legal, as long as you are travelling to a country where CBD is legal. If you are moving between the UK and Europe you shouldn’t have any problems.

What countries should I not travel with CBD oil

We suggest that you always check before you travel with your CBD to ensure you won’t get pulled up for it. Some countries which you shouldn’t travel with CBD include:

  • Dubai and Arab countries 
  • Southeast Asia 
  • South Korea 
  • Japan 
  • Russia 
  • USA (some states)

These countries have laws on CBD which make it illegal. You will be unable to buy the cannabinoid when you are there and shouldn’t have it on your person. Penalties for having CBD will vary from country to country.

Why is CBD illegal In some countries 

It isn’t worldwide that CBD is accepted as an alternative remedy for ailments and conditions. Some countries still have it as a classified drug because of the connection to the cannabis plant.

CBD will not have any mind-altering effects as it doesn’t contain the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. Our remedy CBD is broad-spectrum meaning it contains 0% THC but maintains terpenes and flavonoids to enhance its effects.

Some countries allow you to take hemp-derived CBD, that contains 0% THC. However, you need to make sure you know the rules for your destination before you travel. For some countries, CBD is illegal to buy and possess.

Is it legal to take CBD in public abroad

If you are in a country where CBD is legal, then you can use it in public. If you are vaping CBD then make sure you only vape where smoking is allowed, otherwise, you may end up with a fine.

How to travel with CBD

If you are travelling by plane, and CBD is legal in your destination, then you can take it in your carry on or hold luggage.

Make sure you pack your CBD oil in a clear plastic bag and that it adheres to the under 100ml rule. We suggest that you double bag the CBD oil and make sure the lid is on properly to avoid oily leaks.

If you are going by bus or train, then store your CBD oil in a waterproof container or plastic bag to avoid any spills.

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