can cbd help with anxiety
can cbd help with anxiety

Anxious? CBD for Anxiety

Do you ever find that a few days before your period starts you are more anxious than usual? That sinking, panicking feeling can set in just before your period due to a change in hormones. Cortisol, which is linked to anxiety, increases before menstruation starts. This can cause those unwelcome and unnecessary bouts of anxiety. 

Great. Another symptom that you can’t do anything about… Or can you? CBD for anxiety may people combat those anxious times. 

How might CBD for anxiety work?

In a nutshell:

  • Could help your body use its serotonin
  • May encourage your body to use its natural chemicals
  • Increases prefrontal cortex activation which lowers activity in the Amygdala
  • May help you sleep and feel relaxed

CBD is thought to alter serotonin and give it a boost. If you don’t have enough serotonin then you are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. It uses your bodies own natural chemicals to to work to lower anxiety levels.

CBD also helps reduce anxiety in other ways, but first, let’s get deep. Get ready for some long words…

CBD is an Anxiolytic which is said to increase the prefrontal cortex activation, this then lowers activity in the Amygdala. The Amygdala is a set of neurons found deep in the brain, which is shown to play a big role in our emotions.

Lack of sleep can also contribute to feelings of anxiety. People with sleep disorders and insomnia are more likely to develop anxiety disorders. CBD has been found to help you relax, switch off and fall asleep. If you are just going through a spell of poor sleep, maybe due to stress, then this can also cause anxiety. A daily dose of CBD could help.

Anxiety and depression can occur during your monthly cycle due to hormone changes. If you use CBD daily, throughout your cycle, then you will help to banish the pain as well as those mood changes.

Are there any studies on CBD for anxiety?

CBD for anxiety has been studied a fair bit. Some studies have looked at how people who took CBD felt more confident delivering a public speech to those who took the placebo. Another study writes: “current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

Can CBD help with other period symptoms?

The unfortunate thing is, symptoms of your period don’t just happen during your period. They can affect your life right from day one of your new cycle as you lead up to ovulation and into your next period bleed. Symptoms can include:

It’s not always a picnic. However, CBD may help with all of the issues listed above. It may well be worth adding it to your daily routine to help you to stay balanced during your cycle.

Can cbd help with anxiety

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