cbd and breastfeeding
cbd and breastfeeding

Can I take CBD while breastfeeding?

Life is full of questions as a new mum. Is this okay, should I do this, what do I do about that? If you’re anything like me, who is 4 months into motherhood, then you have turned to Google many times for help with your new mum questions (usually in the middle of the night between random online purchases… let’s be honest)

One question you might have found yourself searching could be “Can I take CBD while breastfeeding?” As a mum who is exclusively breastfeeding her little lady, I will share some info on CBD and nursing.

Why would CBD interest me as a new breastfeeding mum?

cbd and breastfed baby

CBD may help with many of your postnatal issues.

For me, my postnatal issues have been heart fluttering anxiety, inflammation from birth, mood swings and sleep issues (Sometimes I struggle to get back to sleep after a feed!)

CBD may also help with postnatal depression as it may help your body to use serotonin. Postnatal depression affects 1 in 10 women, however, this figure could be much higher. We’ve got a whole post on CBD for postnatal depression, which you can read here.

When you are a new mum your body seems to be in the constant “fight or flight” mode. Even when it is time for bed or after a night feed, I struggle to switch off as every noise and turn alerts me. Apparently, breastfeeding mothers never go into full deep sleep, this is deeply embedded in our instincts. But, also, it’s quite annoying!

Could I take CBD while breastfeeding?

cbd and nursing
Me, very tired. Day 1 at home.

It is suggested not to take CBD while nursing. However, currently, there is not enough evidence to suggest that it is or isn’t safe to take CBD while breastfeeding.

CBD does not contain THC. We know THC can affect babies. They can be affected by THC both when in the womb and through breastfeeding. Babies who are exposed to THC are thought to experience issues in brain development resulting in hyperactivity and poor cognitive function.

However, CBD does not contain this cannabinoid. Our Remedy is zero THC.

Is it worth the risk?

If you are in two minds, then have a chat to your doctor. Currently, there isn’t enough info as to whether it even impacts your breast milk. We do know that CBD is prescribed to children with epilepsy and other conditions. At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you and what you feel is right.

What other alternative remedies could help me?

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, sleep issues or pain and are looking for an alternative remedy, then you might consider acupuncture, lavender, chamomile tea, a weighted blanket, and a decent wind down routine (just like you’d have for your little person!)

Chances are you’ll be back having periods after you have finished breastfeeding. CBD may help to reduce those period pains that you have managed to get away with while you have been pregnant and nursing. It may also help with mood swings and PMS symptoms. Making your return to periods a little more manageable.

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