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Over 60 5* reviews | Our shipping is totally free!

Are YOU the 1 in 10? – Can CBD help Endometriosis?

1 in 10 women across the globe will be diagnosed with Endometriosis and even more will go through their lives undiagnosed and without help. Unfortunately there isn’t a cure for endo, so what can be used to help symptoms? Can CBD help with Endometriosis?

What is Endometriosis?

You may have no idea what Endo is, mainly because it hasn’t been widely spoken about until recent years. So, what is it? Endometriosis is a painful condition that affects the female reproductive system. If you want to know some more details, get your research on!

Periods are, by nature, a painful experience. However, they aren’t supposed to be so painful that your daily life has to stop! This may be a sign that something isn’t quite right and this shouldn’t be normalised. We encourage you to get checked and see if something needs to be fixed.

Old wives tale…

For centuries people have been turning to more herbal remedies and natural remedies for period pain. The desire to use something natural is a huge appeal for people leading vegan lifestyles, natural lifestyles and those who just find pain killers aren’t working!

“That’s an old wives tale, it doesn’t work”. Don’t let people tell you what does and doesn’t work. Try it for yourself! If you’re trying CBD for the first time to help with period pains, then experimenting with different methods of consumption can help. Unfortunately, taking CBD isn’t as easy as ABC, it takes a lot of trying to see what works best for you.

Can CBD help with Endometriosis?

CBD oil has been praised for its many possible benefits. Some of the symptoms associated with Endometriosis may be helped with CBD. Check out below to see what CBD can help with!


CBD helps pain because of the way in which CBD interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoid interacts with receptors and enhances brain chemicals, such as serotonin. CBD has been said to interrupt the nerve pathways that send signals of pain between the brain and the body.


If you suffer from anxiety alongside fibromyalgia then CBD products could be helpful. There have been lots of studies on CBD and anxiety which show how it can reduce your anxiety levels. 

If you want to find out what else CBD can help with, why not check out our blog letting you know the ins and outs of CBD!

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