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CBD Isolate Wholesale

CBD Isolate Wholesale​

CBD isolate wholesale is where you, the seller, would buy isolate CBD in bulk with a wholesale order. You can then go on to sell this to customers as the product, or add it into infused food and drinks.

If you are interested in CBD isolate wholesale then we want to tell you about our product and how we could provide a service for you.

What is CBD isolate wholesale?

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CBD isolate is a process where it is just the cannabinoid that is taken from the hemp plant. No terpenes or THC exist in this product type. It is extracted as a pure white crystal powder with plant matter, terpenes and other cannabinoids filtered out. 

Even though this type of cannabidiol doesn’t contain additional matter from the hemp plant, it is still considered a powerful oil. It is, after all, in its purest form. Products such as tinctures, creams, balms, vape juice and capsules can be created from CBD isolate. 

If you are not interested in CBD isolate wholesale and think that your customers would benefit further from broad spectrum, containing terpenes, then you could appreciate Our Remedy.

cbd isolate wholesale

This product is available through wholesale and contains added terpenes to help further. The oil is infused with clary sage (nicknamed womens oil) and peppermint to make it more palatable.

Are you interested in CBD isolate wholesale?

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you stock our blend in your shop, bar, health shop or online business, drop us a message. 

If you don’t have the space for stock, or if you don’t have the capacity to send products to customers, you might prefer the CBD dropshipping retail method.