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How to Make Easy DIY CBD Moisturiser

Cannabis infused topicals are really starting to get some airtime in the world of CBD. We love how the industry is growing and developing from tinctures to lotions, CBD moisturiser, pills and potions as research develops and new ways to enjoy the cannabinoid emerge. 

CBD moisturiser is something that has really grabbed our attention lately. You know what’s great about it? You can actually make your own. There are some on the market that we have tried and tested (and loved). But, we also love a good DIY challenge.


Benefits of CBD moisturiser

Ageing skin is a natural part of getting older. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t age gracefully, and warn off anything that unnecessary ages us. 

Here’s the thing. To look young and youthful you need collagen. This is what makes your skin look plump and wrinkle free. As life goes on, free radicals are responsible for breaking down collagen, causing fine lines and wrinkles. 

These free radicals also attack healthy cells to improve their own stability – how selfish. When the free radicals steal electrons from the skin it causes sun spots, wrinkles and a ruddy skin tone.

CBD moisturiser may be able to help tame these free and radical beasts among other things.

Cannabidinol has antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits which can help to combat free radical damage. It may also help to even out skin tone, as well as reduce inflammation and dryness. 

How to make CBD moisturiser 

We searched the net for a decent CBD moisturiser that we wanted to share with you. We came across some with ingredients that you most likely don’t have in your cupboard – you know, like those recipes that call for the seeds from a cherimola and the tears of a unicorn. 

Let’s just keep it simple with our DIY CBD moisturiser, using things you most likely have at home or would easily be able to pick up on your next shop.


  • 150g Cocoa butter/Shea butter
  • 150g Coconut oil 
  • CBD isolate 


  1. Melt the coconut oil and butter in a bain-marie (a small saucepan of water with a heat proof bowl FYI) Or you could use a microwave on a low setting
  2. Place the oils in a bowl in the freezer for 15 minutes, or until it is solid but not frozen
  3. You are ready to whip! Use an electric whisk to blitz the oil and butter into a light and fluffy mixture
  4. Add as much CBD isolate as you need and whisk in for another 30 seconds 
  5. Spoon your DIY CBD moisturiser into a jam jar and you are good to go for a few months

If you are feeling really quite inventive in the kitchen, you could add a drop of essential oil. How about a dose of lavender for a bedtime, post bath moisturising routine. Or Geranium for healthy, glowing skin. Get creative with all natural ingredients. 

You can use this DIY CBD moisturiser as part of your evening routine on your face or your entire body. Embrace the potential pain relieving benefits of CBD, as well as how it helps you to fight wrinkles and keep an even skin tone, free of dry patches and inflammation. 

Ask the Doctor – Your questions answered

Q: I have post pill acne, how long will it last and is there anything I can do
with it?

A: It happens because the body is trying to manage the absence of pill hormones and adjust to the new normal. It takes a few months for the body to adjust and acne to disappear. Skin gets back to pre pill condition after some time. All you have to do is be patient, avoid using chemical containing cosmetics, maintain proper hygiene, avoid dairy and sugar intake, and eat healthy diet. Topical application of CBD oil is also helpful due to its anti-inflammatory effects in some cases of acne.

Have you tried it? Tag us in your pics. We’re @itsourremedy on Instagram.

Lots of Love,

Our Remedy CBD xxx

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