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coming off hormonal contraception

Coming Off Hormonal Contraception | Top Tips From An Expert

By Lisa Higgins, menstrual cycle coach and founder of The Red Rebel Collective

coming off hormonal contraception

TLDR: Coming off hormonal contraception can be daunting, Lisa shares with us a FREE video explaining how you can do it. 

If you are thinking of coming off hormonal contraceptives in favour of natural alternatives, it’s important to get to know your menstrual cycle and how to make it work for you at this point in your life.

The decision to move away from hormonal contraceptives such as the pill, mini pill, the hormonal implant, the contraceptive patch, Mirena coil or the contraceptive injection, can be really daunting, but it’s often fuelled by a desire for a deeper connection with the body

Menstrual cycle awareness can support you during this transition and beyond, as it offers you a whole new language and education about the unique cyclical rhythms of the female body.

Coming Off Hormonal Contraception And Reclaiming Your Natural Rhythms

As you consider making the change, it’s a great time to learn the ropes of Menstruality. 

‘Menstruality’ is your ultimate self-care practice. It’s your inner guide to your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Cycle awareness is about embracing the ebb and flow of our natural hormones – as they are, without the extra fake ones from hormonal contraceptives – and recognising that your body operates on a cyclical basis, each phase serving a unique purpose.

Your menstrual cycle can impact everything from your energy levels, mood, and cognitive abilities. Understanding these fluctuations helps you to tailor self-care practices, nutrition, exercise, work life balance, productivity and even creativity to align with your body’s needs. 

It’s about working with your body, not against.

coming off hormonal contraception

Mastering Your Moods When Coming Off Hormonal Contraceptive

Menstrual cycle awareness helps you to become body literate. It shows you exactly how to decode the signs your body communicates at different phases of the monthly cycle, empowering you to distinguish between normal variations and potential red flags.

It’s like your own secret guide to understanding why you feel a certain way, what you really need and how to get it. It also means you can live a life of balance and calm instead of feeling like you’re stuck on a white knuckle rollercoaster.

ANNND you can even look forward to being premenstrual because now you know how to use this week to your advantage. 

I know, WTF?!

coming off hormonal contraception

What Happens To Your Body When You Come Off Hormonal Contraception?

As you ditch the hormones, your body may go through a period (pardon the pun) of adjustment as it recalibrates its hormone levels. This is because hormonal contraception suppresses the body’s natural hormone production, so as you come off there needs to be some time for your body to find its natural rhythm again. 

Your periods may be irregular in terms of flow and length and you may experience mood swings, changes to skin, energy levels, sex drive and slight fluctuations in weight. It’s important to be mindful of this and prepare extra ways to be kind to yourself.

If you were using hormonal contraception for birth control, it’s important to be aware that you could become fertile again once you stop. If you’re not planning to make babies, it’s advisable to use an alternative form of contraception during this transition period. If you are concerned, consult with your nurse or GP to discuss your individual situation.

Of course hormonal contraception is often prescribed to manage specific symptoms such as acne, heavy periods, or menstrual pain. When you come off, you may notice a return of these symptoms. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will be as severe as before, but it’s something to be aware of.

Our customers love our Moon Swings CBD with clary sage for hormone balancing when coming off hormonal contraception.

How Long Does It Take To Detox When Coming Off Hormonal Contraception?

Many women wonder how long it actually takes to detox from birth control. This can vary based on factors such as the type of contraceptive used, individual physiology, and how long you’ve been taking it. Supporting your body with a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, can aid in the transition off hormonal contraception. Certain vitamins and minerals play a role in hormonal balance, so focusing on a nourishing diet can be beneficial.

It’s also a really amazing time to learn menstrual cycle awareness.

Want To Learn More About Coming Off Hormonal Contraception?

Watch the free class and find out more about this magical system!

At The Red Rebel Collective, we help women claim back their menstrual power from years of patriarchal suppression. Check out our offerings and join the movement! x

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