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does magnesium actually work

Does Magnesium Actually Work? 

I took magnesium for a month… here’s what happened. 

No time to read? Let me read this one out to you!

Becky’s real life experience (pictured!)

does magnesium actually work

TLDR: This article looks at magnesium and magnesium from a real life experience as Becky always wondered ‘does magnesium actually work?’ She took it for a month and here is what happened.

I found out that Magnesium is good for sleep from my sister, Rachel (founder of Our Remedy.) This was a few years ago, before she started her own plastic-free, vegan magnesium product. 

She told me about it because my daughter (then 2 and a half) was struggling to fall asleep, and to stay asleep. After a while of feeding my little girl these sweet little magnesium gummies to help her sleep, I did notice a difference… I think. But, with kids, you never know if it’s a development thing or some kind of deficiency.

I stopped ordering this magnesium because it was in plastic pots, and she thought they were sweets which I wasn’t trying to promote before bed. I also did wonder does magnesium actually work? I still wasn’t sure as I had only tested with my daughter. 

When Rachel started selling magnesium, I thought I’d try it. £9.99 for 60 capsules was right in my budget too. 

Summary of does magnesium actually work: Becky found that her sleep improved dramatically. 

Backstory: How I sleep

Let me give you some background on my sleep. 

It’s not been great. And yes, some of that can be attributed to my two small children. However, the problem hasn’t always been them (don’t get me wrong, sometimes it 100% has.) But even before children, I’d wake at night and struggle to get back to sleep. Sometimes I’d be up for hours, having to read to send myself back to sleep. Or I’d wake at the crack of dawn. 

I’d always been so jealous of people who just slept through the night. 

So when Rachel told me that her magnesium was on sale on Amazon, I thought I’d try it. I did a quick research on the NHS website first, just to check if I was okay to take it and if I should expect any side effects. Our Remedy magnesium capsules are 200 mg, and the NHS states, “Having 400mg or less a day of magnesium from supplements is unlikely to cause any harm.” Great news. I placed my order. 

The dose recommended for women is around 200-300 a day, so this is perfect as you can take 2 if you want, but 1 is fine (budget friendly!) 

does magnesium actually work

My experience with magnesium and sleep – does magnesium actually work?

The first night, I was, of course, expecting some kind of miracle. This natural sedative was going to change my sleep. I was going to hit 8 hours. I was going to be part of the straight-through crew. Rachel wrote about how long magnesium takes to work here. 

The first week, to be honest, I don’t think I noticed much, I started to wonder ‘does magnesium actually work?’. 

But, I still stuck with it. 

I know sometimes vitamins and minerals can take a while to get into your system. So I popped my pill each night before heading to bed. 

does magnesium actually work

I’d say it was about 2 or 3 weeks in when I started to notice a change. 

Me and my 1-year-old bed share. When I say bed share, I mean she quite literally sleeps on my head. She often wakes around 5 or 6 am to stroke my head or just calls out, “Mummy?” I answer her, and she drifts back off. In a life before magnesium, I’d lie awake from then. Staring into the dark. Thinking at about 100mph. 

But, since taking magnesium, I’ve noticed I can easily get back to sleep. 

This has been unheard of in my whole life. I’ve never been a drift back-offer. I’m very much a wake-up and get-up kind of girl.

In weeks 4 and 5 of my magnesium trial, I clocked wake-ups after seven! I completely understand that for some people, seven AM is basically midnight. But for me, seven is late. It’s what I class as a lie in. 

And it’s all down to being able to fall back to sleep. Even when it’s after six. A time I’d usually be thinking, “I’ll just stay awake now.”

At first I did wonder does magnesium actually work, but now I am so sure it has made such a difference. 

does magnesium actually work

Magnesium every damn day… it works for me!

Does magnesium actually work? Well, magnesium is going to be a staple in my life now. 

Complete disclaimer, Rachel, the founder of Our Remedy, is my sister, and I want her business to do well. But if she were selling something I didn’t believe in, I wouldn’t write for her. Ask her, you can’t get me to do anything I’m told to do! 

The world needs to know about magnesium for sleep.

It needs to know about plastic-free, beautiful packaging.

It needs to know about vegan capsules. 

Shop magnesium supplements here.

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