CBD dropshipping UK

If you are looking for CBD oil UK wholesale UK, with Our Remedy, then we want to tell you about dropshipping, why your business might like it and how we can provide this service. 

cbd drop shipping uk

What is CBD Dropshipping UK?

CBD Dropshipping UK is a way to fulfill orders without having to invest in buying lots of stock. Instead, when a business sells a product with dropshipping, the item is purchased from a third party and is then shipped directly to the customer. 

This means that as a seller you never have to handle the CBD product directly or worry about organising delivery. 

This retail model means that the seller doesn’t own or stock any merchandise. Instead, the stock is purchased as you need it. 

cbd dropshipping uk

Is dropshipping CBD better than wholesale?

Dropshipping in the UK allows the seller to only pay for the goods sold, rather than purchasing larger volumes of stock. This is a good way to go if you want to sell a new product but can’t be sure how well it will be taken up by your customers.

The fact you don’t have to carry stock would be ideal if you have an online business and no space to stock products.

There’s also the added bonus that you don’t have to package the product and arrange shipping, which can in some cases mean additional staff, particularly for larger businesses.

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Can you sell CBD dropshipping UK?

Yes. You can legally sell CBD via drop shipping here in the UK. This is because the hemp derived product is legal here. 

There will be some locations where the customer will need to check the legal status before they make their purchase. While it doesn’t contain illegal levels of THC, some countries only allow it to be used on a prescription basis. 

Where can you dropship CBD?

As mentioned, the product is legal, so dropship CBD in the UK is fine. Other countries where you can dropship CBD include, but are not limited to:

  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Holland
  • Bulgaria
cbd dropshipping uk

Why you might like dropshipping Our Remedy CBD

  • Third party handles deliveries and products for you
  • No minimum orders
  • See how your customers like the product 
  • We work with number of influencers
  • Saves space so you don’t have to stock physical products

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your dropshipping CBD UK needs.