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Eco Friendly Gifts | 7 Great Ideas

Eco friendly gifts are for all seasons. Whether you are looking to buy your eco conscious bestie something for their birthday, Christmas or just because, we have the gift in our guide for you.

What is an eco-friendly gift?

An eco-friendly gift says I care about you, and the planet. It is a product that has come into the world with eco friendly values at its heart. Here we are talking about items and materials that are not as environmentally harmful as others, as well as plastic free.

They promote green living or green manufacturing methods with a focus on recycling and low carbon emissions. 

What do you get for someone who is environmentally friendly?

Got an eco warrior friend or loved one? Trying to think of what to buy them aside from yet another tote bag can sometimes be a challenge. If all else fails a tote bag is never a bad idea to be fair. But if you are ready to expand your horizons and think outside the box for your eco friendly gifts then we have you covered. 

Here at Our Remedy we love to support brands like our own. Ethical, female founded brands that have self care and the environment at their core. At a time when it is more important than ever to support local business and small start ups, I thought I’d take the opportunity to browse eco-friendly gifts from independent brands.

Here’s what I’ve found, loved and brought.

Eco friendly gifts

Smudge - reuseable face pads

eco friendly gift ideas

There are approximately 7.6 billion make up wipes thrown in the landfill each year. That’s a whole lotta waste and one hell of a fat burg that could be avoided with one simple solution. Reusable face pad.

We love Smuge’s sustainable and supersoft make up wipe alternative which is made from beautiful bamboo. They’re really hard wearing. You just simply wash and reuse over and over again. 

There are options for pack sizes, including a pack of 3, 7 or 12. There is even a supersoft muslin cloth in their product listings. These could make the perfect eco friendly gift that keeps giving all year long, to both her and the planet. 

Shop Smuge and get 20% off with code ‘smudge20’

eco friendly gift ideas for christmas

Tula and Tye - Sustainable loungewear

Who doesn’t love their comfies? This could be the eco friendly gift that would be loved by everyone. 

Choose from tees, hoodies, joggers and sweatshirts all of which are sustainability dyed and made from factory offcuts, recycled polyester and ethically produced organic cotton. We love the tye dye tracksuits, especially the Berry. Perfect as we head into those colder months. 

When you buy eco friendly gifts from Tula and Tye you also donate to non profit ocean clean up charities as 5% of all their profits head straight there.

Shop Tula and Tye with 10% off using code REMEDY10

Klai Studio

Klai Studio creates handmade, unique jewelry and wall hanging decorations from clay. We love the range on offer from Klai Studio, but if we had to pick a collection it would be the animal print, or the autumn, or the gold leaves. Fine, we can’t choose! 

If the person you’re buying your eco friendly gifts for likes unique and sustainable jewelry that really jazzes up an outfit, make sure you have a look at the Etsy shop. 

Shop Klai Studio with 10% off, use code REMEDY10

eco friendly gift for christmas

Cheshire's Finest Soap

Cruelty free and vegan, zero waste and 100% recyclable. We like the sound of that and I’m guessing your eco friendly friend will too. The handmade products are all sustainably sourced and made from natural ingredients. 

You could choose from a selection of products, including artisanal soaps, bath bombs, salt scrubs, body butter bars, lip balms, bath salts, wax melts and candles. 

Here is a perfect gift for those in your life who need a little pampering. Don’t we all!

Shop Cheshire’s Finest Soap with 10% off. Use code REMEDY10

soap as an eco friendly gift

Candy Ward

Obsessed with Candy Ward! These hand crafted ceramics are playful and beautiful.

The sculptures celebrate soft bodies which is a theme extremely close to the artists heart.

The functional sculptures make perfect vases and the boob mugs are the best size for a cup of rich hot chocolate.

She says she wants women to see the items and think, that looks like my body. Maybe it is the first time someone has seen their body shape represented in art. 

LOVE the Candy Ward items as a unique and eco friendly gift.  

The Nuevo Edit

eco friendly gifts

Timeless, quality clothes. That’s the secret to combating fast fashion.

Buying your friend clothes that are built to last in terms of style and quality is an investment. 

The Nuevo Edit stock high quality clothes that stand the test of time. The eco friendly gift that keeps giving!

Shop Nuevo Edit with 15% off using the code NEUVO15

Our Remedy

We had to mention Our Remedy as an eco friendly gift. If your friend suffers from anxiety, period pains, low mood or PMS, then our oil may be able to help.

For every bottle that someone buys, we donate to Bloody Good Period

All of our packaging is printed using soy ink and made from recyclable materials. We are also now the only CBD brand that offers completely plastic free products, with our brand new plastic-free pipette.

This could be such a lovely gift for your friend that may help with issues they face daily or monthly. We are even offering Vegan Hot Chocolate gift sets, complete with Vegan Hot Choc, Vegan Marshmallows and our delicious CBD oil.

Shop Our Remedy with 20% off when you use code ecoxmas20

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