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Environmenstrual Week

Guess How Much We Raised To Help Fight Period Poverty?!

Last week (19-25 October) was environmenstrual week. A week aimed at helping break taboos, fight period poverty and raise awareness for plastic free period products.

We pledged that this week for every like and comment we got on our instagram we would doante the value of a period product to Environmenstrual week.

We are so happy to say last week you helped us raise an amazing £232 for environmenstrual week!

How did we raise the money for period poverty?

environmenstrual week

Every day we encouraged you to comment on stats that were pretty shocking; share our posts and spread the word. This helped more people see our posts on this important topic to help get the message out far and wide. 

If you missed it, here are some of the stats we shared on our instagram posts from the week.

Firstly we introduced what we were doing for the week and this got lots of comments and shares, so thank you to everyone who helped us start the week.

10% of girls can’t afford period products. How sad is that? That’s why we have taken part in this week, to try and riase some awareness of this stat. I can’t imagine having a really heavy flow and not being able to change my pad or tampon.

An issue very close to our hearts at Our Remedy – the amount of plastic in period products! We picked some of our favourite alternatives here. 

One Friday we had a bit of fun by asking you to drop in the comments a film that describes your period and we gave a free bottle of CBD to the winner, to encourage comments. Remember comments meant donations! We had some really funny ones…

Some of our favourite films that describe your period were:

The Hunger Games

28 Days Later

How To Lose Friends and Alienate People

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

10 Things I Hate About You

Plus more! Check them out here

We have loved supporting this great cause, and thank you to everyone who joined in!

This isn’t just a one off though. Don’t forget we support Bloody Good Period by making a donation for every full price bottle sold. In fact we do lots of tings that we hope you love! You can read about them here.

Our Instagram is @itsourremedy is you want to see what we get up to to raise money next time!

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