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CBD is a natural plant extract which comes from the Cannabis plant. Unlike THC which is also found in the Cannabis plant in varying degrees, CBD contains no psychoactives and is approved in a number of cases for medicinal purposes. Sativex and Epidiolex are two pharamacy approved medicines made with CBD. There have been no reported cases of injury of any type due to CBD. CBD is considered quite harmless and entirely benign.

As CBD has no psychoactive properties, it can not lead to the ‘high’ effect. All legal CBD items legally sold in the UK contain less than 0.2% THC. If you experience a genuine high sensation from CBD, you may want to consider it’s source as this may indicate an illegal product.

OurRemedy CBD is made from broad spectrum CBD oil, which is filtered to remove any THC/psychoactive properties.

CBD does not cause a physiological addictive/dependency state. 

CBD produced from low or zero THC extract of the Cannabis plant is legal across the EU where the quantity of THC is less than 0.2%. It is worth noting that this a disputed number as the law also states ‘less than 1mg’ within any container. Therefore 0.1% THC in 1 Litre of CBD would in theory breach the max 1mg THC ruling. This is one of the peculiarities of the Cannabis law across the UK – OurRemedy works to mitigate this, by using only Broad Spectrum CBD. Ie: CBD with THC pre-extracted out of the CBD.

Humans (and dogs) have an endocannabinoid system. These are receptors in the body that respond to cannabinoids and many other organic elements and produce a natural response. This can see natural pain-killers like Serotonin being released into the blood stream when CBD is consumed. 

OurRemedy CBD is made with Grapeseed oil, broad spectrum CBD oil, Peppermint and Clary Sage. 

Clary Sage is an essential oil that is considered effective for assisting with pains and discomfort around heavy flow and other unwelcome symptoms of menstruation. 

Organic essential oil Mentha Piperita, is more commonly known as Peppermint. It is considered effective for bloating, digestion improvement and inflammation.

Requirements are subjective. In that a 200lb human and a 120 lb human will have differing needs. We advise that to begin with, you aim for 50mg per day, split into two doses. One half pipette twice a day. As ‘OR’ contains 500mg in a 10ml bottle. Each 1ml pipette contains 50mg. Taking half is 25mg.

Usual notes suggest that it takes a week for CBD to establish itself in your body, We suggest keeping a diary over a number of weeks and recording how you feel in different areas with a simple score. Ease of sleeping – mood swings (scored by others perhaps) etc. This will give you a guideline as to whether you should up the dose or could lower it.

We suggest taking CBD in the morning with your breakfast and again around lunchtime with food. Some prefer to take their second dose later in the day as part of their unwinding ritual and that is a great idea too. Whatever works for you.

We suggest until much more information on the matter is out, that CBD oil is avoided by pregnant women. We would consider it unlikely to have any negative impacts due to it’s widespread use, however, nothing is work risking on an unborn child.

Self-care is what we are all about BUT not at the cost to others. We believe this so much, we made our core value our trademark. Self-care not selfish care. Check it out 🙂

But what else makes us stand apart? Fundamentally, we are branded with empathy. This means we ensure everything we do, everything we touch is centered around what our fans like too. From helping fight period poverty, to plastic free refills, female empowerment and of course being more than just a CBD oil, but a blend of female focused essential oils to help combat the monthly cycle – we are doing what the suits in the skyscrapers aren’t. When you shop from us, you shop Underdog. 

Plus we have an office cat called Raffles. 

OurRemedy backs the charity A Bloody Good Period. The business states no affiliation beyond them being our chosen charity to support. We are open to working with other charities too in the period poverty field. Please feel free to contact us directly if you so wish to suggest any partnerships.

OurRemedy CBD is made with tested and analysed CBD matter. But we don’t stop there, we then take the completed product containing Clary Sage and Peppermint extract, and test it with a UK testing lab as used by hundreds of high street consumer brands. The latter is necessary for any prospect of placing your products in major retailers. 

OurRemedy CBD is manufactured in North Essex, UK. 

Pretty much everywhere. We do advise that we ship in good faith and ask you to be aware too of local laws and regulations to avoid disappointment. We can send Certificates of Analysis on dispatch at the buyer’s request.

Yes 🙂 Makes life so much easier for our website managers – plus we thought, wouldn’t it be nice if you can get free shipping anywhere in the world. So we did just that.

As of September 2019, you can purchase OurRemedy CBD online with us, or in over 30 bricks and mortar locations in the UK:
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OurRemedy believes ‘Self-care doesn’t need to mean Selfish Care’ – so we have worked really hard to make sure that we can help CBD buyers do the right thing when they restock. Our bottles are made from glass, the labels are paper (unbleached), the ink is soya ink, the lid is aluminium screw cap and the tamper proof seal, is what is known as a Viskring. 

A Viskring is a biodegradable wet wrap made to form a tight seal around a product. We found a lovely little Welsh company who have been in business for nearly a century. This means we sourced in the UK a natural alternative to what is usually made from plastic – thereby reducing our carbon footprint too. Winners! 🙂

Shipping is currently processed from the UK. While we do not charge shipping we do ask that consumers from outside the UK are considerate that it can take a little longer, As a guideline:

UK Delivery | 1-2 working days from the day after order. Orders before 4pm will be sent out the same day. 

European Delivery | 3-5 working days from the day after order. As per UK orders, we send on first available working day.

Americas Delivery | 5 working days from the day after order.

Oceania | 5-7 working days from the day after order.

NB: Orders at weekend are not sent until Monday. 

We ship in good faith and advise customers ensure they are legally allowed to order CBD before doing so.