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hair loss after a hysterectomy

Hair Loss After A Hysterectomy | 6 Treatment Ideas

If you’re worried about hair loss after a hysterectomy this blog is going to take a look into  why you might have hair loss after a hysterectomy and what you can do to help it.

Firstly, try not to work (easier said than done, I know!) but stress can actually cause hair loss. So, breathe…

So, who am I to talk about hair loss after a hysterectomy? I’m Rachel and I had a full hysterectomy when I was 30, ovaries and everything. 

The type of hysterectomy you had will affect whether or not you experience hair loss after a hysterectomy. As mine was a total hysterectomy with my ovaries taken, I was thrown into the menopause. This article looks at hair loss after a hysterectomy

If you’re put into surgical menopause you are far more likely to experience hair thinning and hair loss due to now being menopausal.

If you have had your womb removed but kept your ovaries then your hair loss after hysterectomy will probably just be temporary. 

Either way, it can be upsetting. So let’s take a look at what you should do about hair loss after a hysterectomy, based on my experience.

So, what can you do about hair loss after a hysterectomy? 

  1. HRT might help

If you can take HRT and you aren’t then it might help to go on for a while. Your hair growth cycle is 90 days, so it might take a little while to see the difference but adding the estrogen back in could help you. 

If you can’t take HRT it might be a good idea to look into natural ways to balance your hormones through diet and nutrition.

Hair Loss After A Hysterectomy
  1. Biotin Supplements 

You have probably heard of biotin supplements before, it is known as THE supplement for hair growth, as well as longer, strong nails. There are other benefits to biotin too like giving your metabolism a boost and helping your skin. It is natual and only £9.99 for 2 months supply, so worth a go. 

Shop biotin our website HERE >>

  1. Try and de-stress

If you are living a particularly stressful life it might be worth thinking about ways to slow down and de-stress. Stress can cause hair loss just as much as early menopause might, so it is worth thinking about ways to relax. 

Hair Loss After A Hysterectomy
  1. The right shampoos

I work part time for a haircare brand, so I actually know a lot about shampoo! You need to check the ingredients, and make sure it is sulphate free. You can get shampoos with caffeine in which can give hair growth a boost too. 

  1. Consider the time 

How long ago was your surgery? If it was pretty recent then it could be a side effect of the surgery rather than hair loss from your hysterectomy. 

I know I didnt sleep well for weeks after my surgery and I thought ‘this is it, I am in the menopause and I just won’t sleep’ but I have got a lot better and it was just the initial few weeks after. Your body has been through a big change, it is normal that things might feel a little different at first while you adjust.

  1. Hair health

Ditch the heat tools, don’t wash it too often and try not to tie your hair up tightly. Embrace a weekly hair mask too, it’s a stample in my Sunday evening routine now! 

If you are tempted to get hair extensions my advice would be to avoid this, I have seen my friends take theirs out and clumps of hair come out with them, it might feel like a quick win but it will more than likely cause long term damage.

Hair Loss After A Hysterectomy

Hopefully this all helps you with hair loss after a hysterectomy. I am really lucky that I always have had thick hair, so a little hair loss after my hysterectomy hasn’t been too noticeable but I understand if you already had think hair, it can be very frustrating. 

This is why I wanted to add biotin supplements to our ragne. It’s important we feel our best, especially after going through something like a hysterectomy. If you have any questions, feel free to email me [email protected] or message on insta @itsourremedy  

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