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period poverty

Period Poverty – How can we help?

You may have heard this word a lot in recent media with amazing charities like Bloody Good Period bringing it to attention across the UK. But what actually is it and how does it affect women across the globe? Period poverty means the inability to access the necessary products, such as sanitary towels and tampons, to deal with someone’s period. This issue comes mainly from the pricing of the products, which can sometimes be too much for people to fit into their regular budget.

Why is period poverty a problem?

Period poverty is an ever-growing global problem. Research has shown almost a quarter of UK women have been forced to miss work or education due to it! Missing work and education due to something so natural is something that should not be happening in this modern world.

Imagine once a month, if you’re lucky to have a regular cycle, having to miss an important meeting or an exam because you couldn’t afford something so basic. Millions of women around the world will experience this. Is it because of the price and the tax added onto feminine hygiene products? (yes, the tampon tax exists! Find out what it is in our blog).

So, how is Our Remedy helping?

We want to make sure we’re doing our bit to help provide these crucial products to women across the UK! Currently, we’re looking at collaborating with period poverty charities. We want to donate a portion of your purchase to a charity involved in this problem. Taking care of your cycle, the environment and those unable to access these necessary items.

Keep up to date with our period poverty collaborations by signing up to email updates below!

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