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Home remedies


Why home remedies?

Holistic home remedies have long been helping people to manage and even treat symptoms. It isn’t just your ‘hippy’ types either, so many are seeing the benefits of trying alternatives to prescription and over the counter meds.

What’s your alternative?

Your alternative might well be yoga and meditation over anti-anxiety or depression meds that give you nasty side effects. Or acupuncture to help with pain. 

Benefits of home remedies

Not filling your body with man made medication

Mostly side effect free

Easy to find

You have more control

You will not become dependent like you might on prescription meds

Herbal Remedies are not medicine

You may choose to either replace or complement your existing medications, but obviously, always chat to your doctor before making changes. Some herbal meds can interfere with medications, so it is important to check for any drug interactions and research potential side effects.

Herbals and home remedies are not medicines and shouldn’t claim to be. However, they can have powerful effects to help with conditions. 

Our favourite home remedies

Manganese rich foods for back pain during your period

If you are struggling with lower back ache when your period rolls around, then a home remedy could well be foods rich in manganese. 

These foods will include things like dark chocolate, walnuts, leafy greens, brown rice and beans. You might even find baking yourself a batch of triple chocolate dark cookies does just the trick.

This mineral has antioxidant properties which may help to reduce inflammation and ease those cramps, whether they’re in your legs, back or belly. 

CBD for drifting off

CBD is a natural remedy that has been used for thousands of years. It has helped us solve some frustrating sleep issues. 

The cannabinoid is said to lower activity in the amygdala. These set of neurons play a big part in our emotions. The sort of activity that is going to keep you tossing and turning in your bed.  

When you are in a more relaxed state of mind you will be able to get to sleep easier, and more likely to stay asleep. A dose of CBD in a chamomile tea or hot chocolate does just the trick. 

Breathing for stress

This is easily one of our favourite stress busters and what’s better is it doesn’t cost a penny. Next time you are feeling fit to burst, try this natural remedy:

Breathe in for 4

Hold for 4

Breathe out for 8

Once you have finished a few rounds of breathing like that, your heart rate should slow as you settle into long breathes and out of fight or flight more. Honestly, it works. 

What our staff think of natural remedies

“Sleep has long been an issue for me. I struggle to switch off and spend time overthinking and worrying about things that haven’t and may never, happen. I found CBD oil coupled with lavender helped me to switch off and relax into sleep.”

Rachel | Founder

“I have struggled with low mood and mood swings in the past. What I find really helps me is doing a 5 minute meditation. Or if I have a little more time then I might manage a yoga class, or even a few cat-cows to release the tension and some endorphins.”

Becky | Content Writer

“I have endo. I have found that acupuncture, while it is expensive, does amazing things for the pain. I blend this with a daily dose of CBD oil and some exercise to really help ease things up.”

Kim | Accounts Manager

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