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4 Tips to Have the Best Eco Friendly Night Out

eco friendly night out

You might take a bag for life to the supermarket, have car free days, eat less meat – but is there something else you could be doing to be kinder to the planet?

If we all do our bit, starting small, we can make a big difference to climate change and the health of the world we live in. 

In our blog series, we are going to share how to have an eco friendly lifestyle. We are going to start with finding more eco friendly ways to enjoy a night out.

How to have an eco friendly night out

girl holding pink dress - eco friendly night out

Choose your outfit wisely and shop sustainably 

Too often people only wear a new outfit once. The textiles industry has a huge impact on the planet. It is said that to make an item of clothing sustainable it needs to be worn as many as 30 times.

Wearing an outfit just once because you’ve shared pictures on Insta isn’t going to be sustainable. However, there are ways to get more out of your outfit for your eco friendly night out. Here are a few ideas:

  • Choose a coord. This gives you the option to wear part of or the whole set. Switch it up to get some real mileage out of your coord. 
  • Rent an outfit. This is becoming increasingly popular. You can rent a fancy dress for a fraction of the price you’d pay for it. 
  • Shop second hand. Try charity shops, eBay, boot sale apps like Depop. 
  • Wear something you already have.
  • If you are buying new, choose to click and collect from a local shop.
  • Shop in your friend’s wardrobe! Borrow and swap clothes.

Take the train or bus 

If you are going on a boozy one, chances are you won’t be driving. Opt for the train or bus over an Uber or Taxi. If you do need to get in a car then try to share the journey and cost with a friend. 

Drink eco friendly alcohol or go tea total

You might not have considered where or how the alcohol you are drinking is made and what impact it could have on your eco friendly night out. 

Here’s why. The production of your tipple can leave a large footprint. Consider the amounts of water, land and fertiliser that is needed to harvest all the ingredients in that drink, such as grain, grapes, hops, cane, algarve and more. 

There is also the distillation process that requires energy. 

Drinking beer once or twice a week you will be contributing to 52 kg of your annual greenhouse gas emissions. Like driving 133 miles in a petrol car. Wine is 24 kg, like driving 62 miles in a car making it the more eco friendly option. 

If you are drinking alcohol on your night out here are some tips to keep as eco friendly as possible:

  • Choose local wines and locally brewed beers to reduce transport emissions 
  • Drink apple based drinks which have less of an environmental impact compared to other raw materials. Time to bring back cider and black!
  • Use seasonal ingredients for cocktails
  • Drink what is in your cupboard already 
  • Stick to drinks from cans rather than bottles. Wine and even cocktails in a box or can do exist!
  • Have a night off the booze! Your head will thank you tomorrow…

Skip the food at the end of the night

Fast food restaurants are likely to have a large carbon footprint. While it might not be as inviting as a takeaway, have an oven pizza in the fridge ready for when you get home. You could be super prepared and have it cooked ready to eat! 

How to have an eco friendly night 

There you have 4 ways to have an eco friendly night out. Not only could these tips save the planet a little, they could also save you some money. After all, buying a new outfit every week and food at the end of the night is going to eat into your night out budget.

Have you got any more tips for how to have an eco friendly night out? We’d love to hear them! We are @itsourremedy on Instagram. 

Lots of love, 

Our Remedy xoxo

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