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how to have an eco friendly period

How to Have the BEST Eco Friendly Christmas

How to have an Eco Friendly Christmas 

how to have an eco friendly christmas

Mornings get darker and nights start drawing in and there is only one thing I can think about. Christmas! For the past few years I decided to shop with small, independent and growing businesses.

In 2021, and in fact, all years going forwards I am changing my tactics slightly. Of course, I am still going to shop small and independent (we do a little dance when we make a sale, I don’t think Amazon does that…) 

This year I am going to have an Eco Friendly Christmas. It is going to be eco right from the presents I buy to the sprouts I eat. I have a few ideas of how I am going to do this. I hope you can draw some inspo from this blog and join me in an Eco Friendly Christmas

Eco Friendly Christmas dinner 

Christmas dinner will be purchased from the local green grocer. I’ll be filling up my plastic free, reusable veg bags with locally grown greens. When buying from a fresh greengrocer or farmers market you’ll be less likely to encounter unnecessary plastic packaging. 

To help make your Christmas dinner even more eco friendly, shop for foods grown in this country. It’s absolute madness that apples for your apple crumble grow here in the UK yet we have them sent from New Zealand. Mind blown. Cut your carbon emissions and shop local, buying locally grown, seasonal produce.  

Another way to keep your Christmas dinner eco is by using leftovers and reducing food waste. Bubble and squeak patties with poached egg is an absolute boxing day win. As is turkey curry.

Eco Friendly Christmas Tree

Every year I have the same debate with Rachel. Is the 30 year old plastic Christmas tree that was passed down from her mother in law more eco friendly than a real tree? Over the years I have had 3 plastic trees. Probably very poor quality because they have only seen a few Christmases before they are bald or broken. So for the last 2 years I have had a real tree. I love a real tree!

Research has found that real trees generate less greenhouse gas emissions per Christmas than fake ones. However, the longer you have the fake one the greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced. Little bit like cost per wear. So actually, the 30 year old fake tree is probably just as eco friendly as the real one. 

If you are going to get a fake tree, spend money on one that will see you through 30 Christmas seasons, not just the next 2 years. Learn from my mistakes! Or, you could just get a picture of a tree. Great idea if you have a small flat or a toddler…

Eco Friendly Christmas gifts 

You can shop for eco friendly gifts as one way to make your presents planet kind. But, here are a few other ideas:

  • Only buy things that can be eaten or drank and are not going to clog up peoples homes with clutter that will oneday end up in a charity shop and then quite possibly a landfill. Chocolates in recyclable packaging, baked goods and vegan sweets (VeganSweetShop) go down a treat!! Wine bottles are widely recycled too, just saying. 
  • Set up a secret santa with loved ones. While buying tat for secret santa is a laugh, where does it go? How about a secret santa where your whole family takes part with a budget of say £50. Each person writes a list and the buyer has to stick to it. This way people get something they want, and not a drinking straw hat. This saves you money as well as clutter! 
  • Look for eco-friendly sellers who put the environment at the heart of everything they do. From the product to the packaging. We wrote a blog on fantastic gifts for women from small businesses that you should go back over if you need inspo. 
  • Gift vouchers for massages, manicures etc are also a great option. The person you are gifting will get to enjoy a post Christmas treat and no clutter!
  • Don’t buy heavily personalised stuff. This is harder for your loved one to give to charity/sell in the future.

How to have an Eco Friendly Christmas in a walnut shell 

  • Buy fewer gifts and receive fewer gifts 
  • Shop at small businesses with an eco friendly offering 
  • If you buy a plastic fake tree, get one that lasts
  • If you buy a real tree get on in a pot that you can keep outside and use next year too
  • Buy locally sourced veg and meat to go on your Christmas dinner 
  • Get creative with your leftovers 
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