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How To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy

TLDR: Unfortunately low libido is quite common after a hysterectomy, this article looks at how to increase sex drive after a hysterectomy is written by Rachel, who had the surgery age 30. 

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How To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy

I’ve written about sex after a hysterectomy which covers things like how long you need to wait for sex after a hysterectomy and can a man feel the difference after a hysterectomy but what about if you just don’t want sex after your hysterectomy, what can you do to increase your sex drive after surgery? 

If you feel like you have no sex drive after your hysterectomy then keep on reading, all is not lost, as we’re going to explore ways to get your libido going again.

IMPORTANT: Firstly, please only worry about your sex drive after a hysterectomy if you haven’t actually been signed off by your doctor to have sex. This will usually be around 6-12 weeks, if you have no libido after a hysterectomy anytime before this, chill. 

If you are wondering how to support your partner after surgery I have written advice for husbands after a hysterectomy here

Surgery has a massive impact on everything, whether it was a hysterectomy or gallbladder removal. Surgery takes it out of us and doesn’t leave our bodies with energy for much else. 

How To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy

Why does our libido drop after a hysterectomy? 

Firstly, if you’re wondering if your lack of sex drive is normal after a hysterectomy I am here to tell you that, sadly, it is. It is very common for people after a hysterectomy to notice their sex drive is lower. 

There are different types of hysterectomy surgeries, sometimes you have your ovaries removed and sometimes you don’t. If you have had your ovaries removed then your body is no longer producing estrogen and testosterone, two hormones that are essential for a healthy sex drive. 

Your testosterone levels naturally drop with age, but having a hysterectomy causes them to plummet, fast, which will cause your libido to do the same. 

Now estrogen, while not responsible for our desire for sex as such, still has a very important role which is to keep the vagina moist (I hate that word?!) which is very important for sexual arousal, desire and enjoyment. 

Now we have had a little bit of education around why your sex drive is lower after a hysterectomy, let’s dive into the good stuff… ways to improve it.

10 Ways To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy 

I’ve written loads about my experience with recovering from my hysterectomy and even make a video diary up until a year of the recovery, so if you’re early on – go check them out. If not, and you want to increase your sex drive after a hysterectomy, let’s go!

  1. Use it, or lose it

I could have also gone with fake it till you make it. Basically, masturbate. Even if you aren’t in the mood, you might be able to get yourself in the mood. The more you orgasm, the more you want it, plus it’s really good for you too – you’ll get an endorphin hit. 

How To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy
  1. Maca root

This natural remedy is a plant that is thought to help increase sex drive, it is linked to helping increase testosterone. It also helps with energy levels (probably something to do with the testosterone!) so if one of the reasons you have lost your libido after having a hysterectomy is because you’re fatigued all the time this could be something worth trying. 

I used to take maca root daily, and I definitely think it did something to my sex drive, which is why I wanted to add it to the Our Remedy range. 

  1. Talk to someone

If you have a partner then honesty is the best policy so if you’re struggling with losing your sex drive after having a hysterectomy then talk to them about it. It could be that you have underlying concerns about them hurting you after your surgery or you’re feeling unsure about whether sex will be as good as it was before, which I have spoken about here in this article on sex after a hysterectomy. 

No partner to talk to? You may still need to talk to someone. It’s a huge, life-altering surgery that many people need therapy for. I had therapy after mine for a little while and I did find it helpful. If you don’t have the spare money for therapy perhaps confide in a close friend or family member. Just don’t keep it to yourself, there may be something you really need to unpack there. 

I also want to add – you are still very much the person you used to be, trust me : )

  1. Get some new toys

Invest in something new to spice things up for yourself. There are so many toys on the market these days, it’s a great opportunity to experiment with some self-pleasure. Spend some time doing a little research and get excited about trying something new. 

I really recommend something external like the Lelo Cruise which is a clitoral massager if you are recently post-op (but have still been signed off) as nothing needs to go inside so it’s a great way to increase sex drive after a hysterectomy if you’re feeling a little nervous about internal pleasure. 

How To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy
  1. Watch, read or write something sexy

If all you’re watching is Interior Design Masters and Happy Valley before brushing your teeth and going to bed, you can hardly expect to have a very high sex drive, can you?! 

Try watching films or shows with more of an adult theme to see if any of the steamy scenes can get you in the mood. Alternatively, if reading is more your thing, read some erotica. Lots of erotic fiction books have great story lines too and it could kick your libido back into action. 

  1. Invest in the right lube

This is really important to increase your sex drive after a hysterectomy as you may find yourself drier than you were before. I have written more about natural remedies for vaginal dryness here which you can read. 

If you are feeling a little drier chances are your libido has taken a hit too, because a dry vagina is incredibly uncomfortable. But that is why lube was invented! If you’re reading this and thinking ‘but I’ve tried lube and it didn’t work’ then perhaps you just haven’t tried the right lube. There are so many on the market. After hysterectomy, your vagina is a little more sensitive so you want to opt for a water based one, and avoid silicone. 

  1. Workout and eat well

Feeling good about yourself naturally makes you feel more confident, which can be a great way to increase your sex drive after a hysterectomy. If you are conscious of weight gain after having the surgery you might want to look into weight loss after a hsyterectomy, it can get a little harder to shift the pounds for some women.

  1. Think about testosterone 

Sometimes our libido disappears after a hysterectomy simply because our bodies aren’t producing the hormones we need any more, so you might want to chat to your doctor about adding testosterone. It might be that you just need it for a short while to give your libido a little kick into action and get things going again. 

How To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy
  1. Do things that make you feel good

Buy new clothes, get your hair done, and treat yourself to a manicure every 2 weeks – whatever that ‘thing’ is that makes you feel good, do it! You deserve it. If you feel good and look good, your confidence will naturally increase too, making you feel much better about yourself and far more likely to want sex. 

  1. Try affirmations for increasing your sex drive

Heard about how people are using affirmations to gain confidence with ‘I am a confident and strong woman’ or to attract money ‘’I am a money magnet” and “I am abundant”’ well why not try it as a way to increase your sex drive after a hysterectomy too?

Here are some that I think will work, write them down or say them to yourself in the mirror every day. 

I am desirable, playful and seductive 

I am a sexual goddess

I have a magnetic energy that attracts my partner to me 

I am adventurous and confident in the bedroom 

Conclusion / How To Increase Sex Drive After A Hysterectomy

Unfortunately, it is quite common for people to need to increase their sex drive after a hysterectomy, but don’t despair because all is not lost. Here is a summary of the 10 things you could try to boost your libido after a hysterectomy.

1.Use it, or lose it

2. Try maca root

3. Talk someone

4. Get some new toys

5. Watch, read or write something sexy

6. Invest in the right lube

7. Workout and eat well

8. Think about testosterone 

9. Do things that make you feel good

10. Affirmations 

Hopefully that has helped you think about ways you can increase your sex drive after having a hysterectomy. If you have any questions at all, just drop me an email! I’m always happy to hear from – [email protected]

Speak soon


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