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5 Ways to Manifest your Dreams

How to manifest your dreams this year 

Do you have a goal? Maybe it is a career goal, a financial goal, a relationship goal. Whatever it is, you could use the power of manifestation to achieve it. 

What is manifestation?

This is nothing new. This pseudoscience has been talked about for years, however, recently more people are tapping into the power of manifestation. 

The idea is that you bring something into your life through belief – thoughts become things. If you think it, it will come.

how to manifest your dreams

How to manifest your dreams – our tips

1. Clearly visualise what you want 

Be really clear in what you want. If it is a new car, think about the brand, the model, the licence plate, the interior. Look at pictures of the car, you could even set it as your phone screen background to act as a reminder each time you look at your phone. 

When you write down what you want, write every detail possible. Get it clear in your mind’s eye. How does the steering wheel feel in your hand? What music are you listening to while you drive? Where are you going? 

2. Ask for what you want

Now it is time to ask for what you want. There are lots of ways to do this and it will depend on how much time you have and the method you feel most comfortable with. You might try prayer, visualisation, speaking out loud or a vision board. Just keep it clear and say EXACTLY what you want. 

3. Make a plan

Now it is time to work with the universe to reach your goal. It’s no good just asking for what you want then sitting back, you need to take action too. Make a plan for what you can do to reach your goal. 

If we take it back to the new car example, then you might need to first find the job that could help you get it. This could mean your plan involves applying for new jobs and building skills to get your next promotion or hiring a mentor to help you level up your business. 

4. Be grateful 

Practice gratitude every day. Each evening before bed write down what you are thankful for that day. Some of these things, no matter how small, might contribute to your end goal. 

5. Be kind to yourself 

Too often the message playing in our minds is negative.

‘I’m not good enough.’ 

‘My business is failing.’

‘I won’t get that promotion.’

It’s time to change the narrative. Time to be kind to yourself and talk to yourself how you would your best friend. Would you ever tell your BFF that she isn’t good enough? Thought not. So why tell yourself that?

If you are constantly putting negative energy into the universe, whether you are being negative about yourself or a situation, then negative energy can follow you. You get back what you give! 

Try to focus on positive energy!

We talk a lot on our Instagram page all about gratitude and manifesting so give us a follow to learn more – @itsourremedy

We also have a blog all about How to Start a Gratitude Log which links nicely with manifesting your dreams

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