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How to Support Women this Small Business Saturday

Why we are supporting women this Small Business Saturday 

how to support women this small business saturday

The 27th of November is Small Business Saturday. We are big on shopping small here at Our Remedy. We know that when we, and our friends with small businesses, make a sale we do a little dance.

This Small Business Saturday we want to give a shout out to some female-founded businesses that we think deserve some love.

Why is it important to support female founders?

While numbers of female-founded businesses are on the rise, we are still in the minority. In the UK there are around 32% of businesses are owned by women. This has shifted from 17% a few years ago, but still a way to go for evens.

Investment in female-founded businesses isn’t quite there either. For every £1 of venture capital investment in the UK all-female founder teams get less than 1p. All male founded teams get 89p. Mixed teams get 10p.

On days such as Small Business Saturday, it is a great chance to shop at local or online, independently run companies. This year, we are choosing to spend our money and buy Christmas gifts from these small, female-founded businesses.

Female founded businesses – Inspiration for where to shop

As a female-founded company, Our Remedy connects with and supports others who are doing the same. 

If you need some inspiration for where to shop this Small Business Saturday, here is some:

Tula and Tye

Obsessed with Tula and Tye. Their eco-friendly loungewear range is super comfortable, soft and stylish. They even donate 5% of their profits to the Ocean Cleanup. 

Shop with Tula and Tye this Small Business Saturday, because who doesn’t like loungewear?

Visit their site 

Nuevo Edit

Nuevo Edit is founded by two friends who have a love for fashion and timeless classics. In their collection, you will find clothes that you could wear over and over again. Style the coords in different ways. Team the classic jumpers with different trousers and skirts. The options for timeless style are endless with Nuevo Edit. 

Visit their site


Candy Ward

Candy Ward is a ceramic artist celebrating soft bodies. Her playful art pieces include vases, mugs and other ceramics, all with a focus on the female form. We love how she helps people to see the value and beauty in their own bodies after seeing her work and thinking, that could be me! 

Visit Candy Ward 

Alexandra Clementine

Sustainable seaweed underwear – that is what Alexandra Clementine is all about. It is soft, sustainable and made from renewable and natural sources. We own a few pieces from Alexandra Clementine and we can vouch for the whole softest in the world message!

Visit Alexandra Clementine

Here We Flo

Here We Flow is founded by two female friends. They are in the business of creating natural products that are good for the planet. On the site, you will find products such as pads and tampons as well as carbon neutral condoms. We love how they are all about breaking taboos with penis, period and pee jokes. We love their products too and their minimal impact on the environment. 

Visit Here We Flo 


Unfabled is founded by Hannah. It is a one-stop shop for all your period care products. It goes beyond just tampons, cups and pads. The shop has everything you could need for a super self-care experience including candles, skincare, CBD and more. 

Visit Unfabled here

Small Business Saturday – Think Female!

This Small Business Saturday take the challenge and support some sisters as they build their dreams. Share who you will be supporting on the 27th of November with us on Instagram. We love some inspiration for who to follow. 

We are @itsourrememdy

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