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journal prompts for healing

Helping You Heal | 10 Journal Prompts For Healing

TLDR: Trauma increases the likelihood of experiencing mental health issues, and journal prompts can be helpful for healing. Here we uncover 10 journal prompts for healing that you can start today.

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Journal Prompts For Healing

Healing can be a wonderful journey of enlightenment and growth that can help you be your most beautiful self. If you’ve been wrestling with trauma and holding on to negative energy, it might be time to look at ways to heal old wounds.

Hanging on to anything that no longer serves you can cause anxiety, bitterness, resentment, fatigue and even chronic illness.

Trauma can also make you more vulnerable to suffering from mental health problems so we want to look at ways that you can use journal prompts for healing. 

Journaling has many benefits which we will explore here, but when using journal prompts for healing specifically you can really focus on releasing trauma, without worrying about what to write. 

journal prompts for healing

6 Signs That You Need To Heal 

First of all, how do you know if you need to heal and journal prompts for healing would benefit you? Here are six signs that you’re holding on to some negative energy that you need to let go of. 

  • You feel ‘stuck’ and have no idea why or how to move forwards
  • You avoid talking about a certain subject 
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You’re struggling with anxiety 
  • Relationships are being negatively affected
  • You feel overwhelmed and out of control 
  • You’re turning to alcohol or drug misuse

How Can Journaling Help You Heal? 

Journaling is no longer just for teenage girls writing about their latest crush, putting pen to paper is having a big comeback as experts realise the incredible benefits journaling has to offer. 

Journaling offers a wonderful way to work through trauma as it allows you to have a  form of control and also a release at the same time. Using journal prompts for healing means you have a little bit of control as you can choose the prompts but you can let go as you respond to them.

The best way to journal is to not worry about your handwriting, spelling or grammar. Don’t think about how you are doing it, just write. If it makes you feel better throw it in the bin after you have done it, if worrying about someone reading it is holding you back.

Benefits Of Using Journaling To Help You Heal:

  • Recognise patterns of negative emotions
  • Raise your vibrational frequency
  • Forces you to be mindful and present 
  • Takes you on a journey of self-discovery

What Are Journal Prompts For Healing? 

Journal prompts are simply ways to get started with journaling if you feel overwhelmed by a blank page and unsure where to start. It may be especially important to use journal prompts for healing as it will more than likely be something you have spent years burying, it may need a little prompt to help the subject re-surface. 

Journal Prompts For Healing

Journal Prompts To Help You Heal

So let’s get stuck in. You can answer all of these prompts or pick one each night for 10 days. Just go with whatever one you are drawn to and start writing, without putting any pressure on yourself. 

  1. The Stranger Test: Describe yourself to a stranger “This is INSERT NAME and they are or she/he is…”
  1. Gratitude: Write down 10 things you are grateful for today.
  1. The Best Friend Test: If my best friend felt this way, I would say to them…
  1. Write A Letter: Imagine your past pain as a person. Write them a letter, explaining why they should leave.
  1. Self Love: List 5 things about yourself that you love.
  1. Make Progress: What 3 things could you do this week to move forward and make progress
  1. Difficult Lessons: What life lesson has been your hardest and what do you think it was trying to teach you?
  1. Peace: What 3 things bring you the most peace in life and how could you do more of them?
  1. Think About Change: What one thing would you change about your life right now? Add one goal that would help you action that change. 
  1. Feel Proud: Write down 5 things you are proud of yourself for doing and why.

Healing old wounds has so many benefits so we hope that you love these journal prompts for healing. 

Alternatives To Journal Prompts For Healing

Keeping a journal is just one step to healing, there are also lots of other things you can do. As well as using journal prompts for healing we recommend:

  • Making self-care a priority
  • Eating a well balanced diet and taking supplements regularly 
  • Practice yoga
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Use guided meditation daily

Good luck with your healing. Remember healing takes time. Be patient, kind to yourself and trust the process. 

journal prompts for healing
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