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nervous in big groups of people

Nervous In Big Groups? Try These 6 Tips.

nervous in big groups

If you feel nervous in big groups of people but really want to change, we have some tips and tricks for you.

It’s not easy going in to a room full of people and being comfortable talking to everyone there, but confident people make it look so easy!

They have done this after years of practise, trust us.

With a few simple changes and a little bit of practice, you too can be confident in big groups!

Being nervous in big groups can make you feel anxious, stressed and some people even feel panic attacks coming on. None of this is good for your health. So let’s take a look at 6 steps to combat being nervous in big groups…

nervous in big groups

1. Find Clusters

If you want to be confident in big groups of people try this one when you walk into a party. Big groups often have clusters of small groups within them. Find one and slowly expand from there.

Try finding one with at least one person you know in, as this will make you feel a lot more comfortable.

2. Practise

Start meeting up with 2 people, then try 3, then for and so on. Soon you will get comfortable with meeting groups of people but take it slow, and be kind to yourself. It’s okay if it takes 5 meetings with 2 people before you feel ready to add a third.

3. Affirmations

Try telling yourself you’re confident, funny and comfortable in big groups. Re-write your story! Write them on your bathroom mirror and try saying them to yourself everyday.

You could try saying ‘I am confident in big groups of people to literally tell yourself how to gain confidence in big groups.

nervous in big groups

4. Breathe

If you feel anxious in big groups, start a breathing practise at home that you can adopt when you’re out and feeling that panicky.

A breathing practise is something that is really simple, and also really important. Taking short shallow breaths can make our body thing we are in danger, and make you feel more anxious. Long, deep breaths can tell our bodies that everything is okay, even if you do feel nervous in a big group.

5. Script It

Write a rough script of what you might want to say to people and practise in the mirror. Small talk often leads to other conversations so it’s okay to start with something really simple, but make it a question.

If there is something big happening in the world it might be that (but try and keep it positive!) if there is a holiday or event coming up you could ask if they are prepared for it.

6. Just Listen

Listening is actually a major skill, and it’s okay if you aren’t a big talker but you are a big listener. You may find something out about someone that could form a friendship later.

For example, you may hear someone at a work party mention they are visiting their grandma at the weekend, so when you see them in the office you could ask how their trip to their grandma’s was. They will be very impressed with your listening skills.

It will also help you the next time you are in a big group of people to see what people are talking about and how others respond. Take it all in and don’t put any pressure on yourself to say too much. Unless you are directly asked a question, we definitely recommend that you answer!

nervous in big groups

Still Feel Nervous About Groups?

We really hope these 6 tips on what to do if you’re nervous in big groups of people has helped. Remember, most people are a little bit nervous in big groups, and often confidence is faked… or comes from a bottle!

On that note, while you’re out and practising what to say when you’re in big groups of people please don’t drink too much. Have one or two if you like a drink, but it could end up making you wake up the next day even more anxious, wondering what you said. If you want to learn more about going sober, we have a blog on that you can read here.

Any questions drop us a message on our instagram @itsourremedy or email [email protected]

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