Glow with
Oh My Flo

Meet Oh My Flo, the ultimate pick-me-up to elevate your wellness routine.

This unique tea blend is packed with powerful adaptogenic herbs and botanicals to support your hormonal health, boost energy and soothe mood swings.

What's Inside?

Goji Berries

May improve anxiety, sleep and depression.

Raspberry Leaf

May improve anxiety, sleep and depression.

Schisandra Berries

May support your cycle, boost energy and soothe mood swings.

Raspberry Leaf

Supports healthy menstruation, soothes cramps and bloating.

Plus it’s eco friendly!

Plant based

We print using a plant-based, 
nontoxic veg ink.

Plastic free

Our inner bag is biodegradable, made from veg starch!


The tea bags are biodegradable and can be composted.

About Our Remedy

Our Remedy is an award-winning female-founded wellness brand offering sustainably packaged natural remedies for sleep, periods and anxiety.

Our range is totally vegan and packaged using eco-friendly soy inks and recycled card boxes.

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Period Pick Me Up Set

Create your wellness dream team by mixing and matching our products to best support your most troublesome time of the month woes.

Supercharge your mug of Oh My Flo with a few drops of our ‘Moon Swings’ oil – a natural wellness elixir formulated to soothe cramps, bloating and mood swings.