Over 70 5* reviews | Our shipping is totally free!

Over 70 5* reviews | Our shipping is totally free!

Over 70 5* reviews | Our shipping is totally free!

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Our Launch – Who is Our Remedy CBD?

Looking for a natural remedy to help solve those period problems? With CBD being spoken about across the media you may be wondering, can CBD help with my period pains? We believe it can! On Friday the 29th, we broke down the “bloody” door to deliver Our Remedy CBD to the people of Southend High street!

With the prosecco flowing and the room brimming, the echoing sounds of positive taboo-breaking talk surrounding the topic of period pain and how can CBD help period pain was in full swing! The glow of pink filling the room also helped to fill the hopes of a small handful of women that their next period won’t be filled with cramps, mood swings, and anxiety.

We had an amazing night helping to spread the positive word of our natural period pain remedy and we hope everyone that came along had an equally brilliant time.

Thank you to everyone who came along, we hope to see you at our next event…

Who is Our Remedy CBD?

With all this talk about CBD launch nights, you may be wondering, who is Our Remedy?

Let us introduce ourselves! Our Remedy is a CBD brand ran by women that focus on providing YOU a natural period pain remedy. We all have our ups and downs and Our Remedy is here to help make those times during your cycle a little less extreme and more manageable.

We are a brand born out of necessity and desire to help those who are suffering from period pains and period pain related conditions. These conditions include Endometriosis, PMDD and PCOS.

Believing strongly in the possible positive effects CBD can have on menstrual issues, we wanted to make sure our brand was more than just your average CBD oil. With added benefits of Clary Sage and Peppermint to help further target period pains in a natural way.

Those who have tried CBD oil tincture drops know that the taste isn’t brilliant…so we’ve tried to mask that taste to avoid any further nasty surprises on your period.

If you’re looking to try out a natural remedy to help, why not use our period pain CBD? Grab your bottle today for 50% off, so why not give it a try and let Our Remedy become your remedy!

Concerned about the environment? We are too! Find out how we’re making our product as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible!

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