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Our Perfect Morning Routine

perfect morning routine


The perfect morning routine can really set you up for the day. It can give you a spring in your step and help you to feel positive and motivated.


But, what is the perfect morning routine? 


You might think that the perfect morning routine would be quite different for someone single to someone with children. Or for someone who rushes out the door for work to someone who doesn’t work. 


However, it doesn’t have to be. Whatever your life might look like, there are things you can do for yourself to set up your day. 

So, what is the perfect morning routine?

In the past, I’ve had to be out the door for work at 6 am, only to get up at 5:40… this was never ideal. If there was the slightest disruption to my routine (or someone doing 30mph in a 50mph zone) it meant I always started my day already on the back foot. Then I had a daughter and my routine was replaced by hers. As anyone with children (or pets!) will know, their demands trump your own. However, I have hacked ways to incorporate a perfect morning routine – even with little people! 

I’ve been trying to find the best morning routine, so I’ve asked around. I’ve asked friends with 9-5 jobs, friends with dogs to walk, friends who work nights, friends who are parents of one, two or more children, friends who commute, friends who don’t work.

I put them all together and took bits from each to formulate the perfect morning routine.

Wake up early

Set your alarm so you have enough time before you leave for work. If you have children, set it an hour before they’ll be out of bed. 

Having an extra hour in the morning to finish odd jobs, workout, drink a hot drink and have time for yourself, has huge benefits. 

Drink a glass of water

As soon as you wake up drink a glass of water. You could have this ready and waiting for you on your nightstand so you don’t forget. Drinking a glass of H2O first thing has lots of benefits for the skin, mind, health and hair.

Write down something positive

In your journal, write down one thing you are thankful for or looking forward to about the day ahead.


When you get out of bed, do a few simple yoga poses to increase blood flow. Think cat-cow, downward dog, child’s pose, hip rocks. Keep it simple, after all, you are likely still in your PJs. 

We also have a blog all about Yoga for Sleep


Time for breakfast. Enjoy a healthy breakfast and a hot drink. Try porridge, eggs or a healthy smoothie.

Do something for you

This could be spending time reading, exercising, creating. Do something you love, that will make you feel good for the rest of the day.

If you can’t fit in a formal exercise session before work or whatever you have planned, commit to walking to work, getting off the bus early or taking a stroll at lunch. Move every day. 

Finally, my top morning tips and hacks

TIP 1: If you have children, get the breakfast table ready the night before so you don’t have to spend your power hour sorting things out for them. The same goes for packed lunches.

TIP 2: Each evening, spend 10 minutes resetting your house by cleaning up a little so you don’t get distracted by the mess in the morning. 

TIP 3: Choose what you are going to wear the night before so you don’t have the getting dressed stress. Even get your socks out. Sometimes finding a pair of socks can really slow me down in the morning! 

What is your perfect morning routine?

Let us know over on Insta – @itsourremedy

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