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Stock Our Remedy, the UK’s most ethical CBD brand

Not only do we have a unique product, but we can offer you the best possible margins. There’s no minimum order and we offer sale or return. We will work together to make your sales a success.

Our Remedy CBD is a product that will appeal to your female customers and be sure to stand out on your shelves. Here’s everything to know about Our Remedy wholesale.

Who we are 

Our Remedy is a female focussed, female-led CBD for period problems, ranging from pain to PMS.

The cannabinoid may help women with symptoms typically associated with the menstrual cycle, such as cramps, low mood, sleep issues, hormonal headaches and more. We’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence to support this in our reviews, which you can read on our homepage.

Our Remedy is ethically packaged, offers plastic-free re-fills and more importantly, every full-price sale we help tackle period poverty. 

Our ingredients might surprise you

500mg CBD

Our CBD is organic. We asked women what % they wanted and 5% came out top.

Clary Sage (organic)

Popular with women’s issues as it may help with balancing hormones.

Peppermint (organic)

Makes the CBD taste amazing, unlike many other CBD products.

Why Our remedy CBD will stand out on your shelves


We are proud to say that our CBD is different from many on the market. We believe in self-care, not selfish care and this is at the centre of everything we do, from product to packaging.

Our Remedy has ethics at its centre, meaning we make every effort to ensure everything with our product is ethically sourced, cruelty-free and has the environment in mind.

The vegan, cruelty-free CBD is run by women and is a female-owned UK business. Currently, Our Remedy is the only CBD in the UK which focuses on female problems.

We’re always trying to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. This is why we print using soy ink and use recycled packaging. Soy ink is easily recycled and environmentally friendly, you can learn more about soy ink and why we use it on our blog

As well as taking an interest in the environment, we also care for women living in poverty in the UK. For each full price bottle sold we donate to Bloody Good Period, a period poverty charity in the UK. Read more about period poverty here and learn why we care. 

There are high margins for retailers and no minimum order. You can have 500 units or you can have 10. We work with our retailers to ensure a good deal for all when you buy Our Remedy wholesale.

Our Remedy provides you with unique instore visuals to help promote the new product on your shelves. 

At Our Remedy CBD we offer wholesale:

  • Sale or return
  • The chance to be included in our marketing. Including billboards (Shoreditch, Southend) and mentions across our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Seemless contact with WhatsApp details for easy ordering and any questions
  • Prices which we will work with you on, to make sure everyone is happy and pricing strategies are aligned. 
  • Free shipping
Our remedy CBD advertising


We want to help make Our Remedy CBD sales as successful as possible for you. For this reason, we market our product and can mention your store in marketing. Our offering includes:

  • PR agent aiming to get Our Remedy in high profile publications
  • Billboard campaign in Shoreditch and Southend
  • Instagram and social media channels
  • Your store could be featured on a billboard
Our Remedy Wholesale

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Like most people, I didn’t know what to expect but I am more than pleasantly surprised! Sleeping better, less anxiety, stress levels completely lowered. I’m not reaching for my usual glass of wine to chill out as I’m already feeling happier. Actually feeling motivated. What a game changer, would highly recommend!!

I suffer with chronic pain, and am always reluctant to take pain killers when I need them, so I thought I’d try cbd oil to see if it would help. Not only has it helped take the edge off the pain, it has lightened the low moods that come with it. I can now get on with my day without feeling the need to curl up and suffer – it’s changed my way of life!Thanks, 

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