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when will i get my period back after having baby

When will I get my first period after baby?

You’ve gone a whole 9 months without any sign of your period. It has been bliss. Okay, so there was pelvis pain, sickness and some other symptoms in its place. But no period. When will you get that first period after baby, what will it be like?

If you’re someone who really suffers from that monthly visitor, I’m guessing you won’t be too pleased to have it back. 

There are so many changes that happen to your body after having a baby, and your periods could be one of them. In this blog, we are going to tell you when you should expect your period and what it might be like. We spoke to real mothers about their experience.

period after baby

When will my first period after baby being born be?

Once you have given birth you will bleed. However, this isn’t classed as a period, though it might look like one. It is called lochia and is a mix of blood, mucus and tissue. This can last up to 6 weeks on and off.

When your actual period comes back will depend on a couple of different factors. 

If you are exclusively breastfeeding this can prevent ovulation, which means you likely won’t see your period until you have begun weaning your little one and have dropped milk feeds. 

When breastfeeding, your period coming back after the baby can cause nipple soreness, dip in supply and for the milk taste to change slightly. 

If you are combination feeding, both formula and breast, then you will probably expect your first period after the baby to come back within a few months. This will depend on how much you are breastfeeding and how much you formula feed.

Mums who are bottle feeding can expect the periods to return can expect a period between 5 weeks and 3 months after having the little one. 

What will my period be like after having a baby?

After you have had a baby there will be changes to your body. When your period returns and how it will be varies from woman to woman.

We had a chat with 3 women, asking them what they found their first period was like after having a baby.

first period after having a baby
“The first one wasn’t painful, like I’d known pre-baby”

“All I really remember about mine was that it was heavier. They’ve remained that way too since having Eddi. The first one wasn’t painful like I’d known pre baby. But, few cycles later they came back just as painful as before.”

Mother of 1, age 33, formula fed baby

“When my period came back it was pretty much the same as before. Although, after having a baby I get no build up or pain leading up to my period. There’s no spotting either, just straight into a full period.”

Mother of 1 age 32, formula fed baby

“I combi fed, breast with a formula top up. After 4 months I got my first period. It was pretty much the same as before in terms of flow. I did notice my son thrashing his arms around and beating my boob, which I read online is to help encourage milk flow. So I am guessing it caused a dip in supply.”

Mother of 1 age 35, combi fed baby

I’m excited for my first period after baby 

I had my baby in January 2020. I went a whole 9 glorious months without a period. Now I am exclusively breastfeeding so no period in sight. However, my little one is heading for more solid food soon which can mean that a period is looming.

 I know when they come back into a regular cycle I will have to deal with those thigh cramps and headaches that seem to get me every month. 

I’m not looking forward to that first period after baby. However, I am excited to give CBD a try to see how it helps me manage the dull aches and brain fog. 

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