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Reclaim Control Of Your Health
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Are you ready to reclaim control of your health and well-being? Our Health Diary is your indispensable companion for a healthier, happier life. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to empowerment as you track your journey to optimal health. 

Our comprehensive Health Diary lets you take charge of female health issues in a way that’s both simple and effective.


  • Our Health Diary is printed in vegan, water based ink
  • 100% recyclable paper, including front cover
  • Undated pages, use any time you need to
  • 3 months worth of daily diary pages in the Health Diary
  • Collaboration with GPs, Doctors and women with cycle related issues

We use non toxic ink to print, ship in recyclable boxes and donate to Bloody Good Period for every order we get. 

  • A5 sized (148 x 210 mm)

  • 100% recyclable paper – even the front cover is made of paper

  • Printed in soy, vegan ink

What’s included inside the Health Diary? 

Our Health Diary includes:

  • Cycle and discharge guide and explanation
  • Weekly summary and reminder to check your breasts
  • Health gratitude and goals to keep you on track
  • Collated with the help of GPs, gynaecologists and women with cycle related health issues
  • Patient overview and summary of health

Can I show my doctor the Health Diary? 

Yes, this is why we have created it. We have worked with doctors on this to ensrue that the Health Diary will be useful to go into doctors appointments with. 

Is the Health Diary different to a cycle tracking app?

Yes, we think apps are great but putting pen to paper is a lot easier for many people. This also makes it easier to take to doctors appointments as they doctor will be able to understand the Health Diary much more easily than an app, which can all seem quite different and a little confusing when you first look at them. 

Will the Health Diary help with diagnoses? 

Yes. When you visit your doctor with a female related health concern one of the first things they will want to know is how long you have had symptoms for and how they relate to your cycle. To get a proper idea of your health issue you need to go through at least 3 cycles, which is why this Health Diary has enough pages for 3 cycles. By taking this to your doctor’s appointment and confidently showing them your symptoms, you could save lots of time.

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We’re Proud Our Health Diary Is:

Vegan Ink   |  100% Recyclable    |   Collab With Doctors  |   Made in The UK

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What’s Inside?

Our Health Diary Reviews


Great does what it says.

6 months ago
Sarah H.
Sarah H.
2 years ago

I have taken probiotics in the past and they have bloated me so much!! But these haven't done that! Standard, they make you feel a little gassy at first haha! But I would absolutely recommend them to try!

2 years ago

How To Use Our Health Diary

Start by writing down the health problem you have and how it has progressed so far. Then, simply fill out the easy to follow prompts at the end of the day. This will be a massive help in your doctor appointments, as you can easily share details about your health.

Additionally, you can use it to explore and discover natural remedies that help your symptoms.

Take time to express gratitude for your health each day, and set small goals to boost your overall health and wellbeing.

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