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Our Remedy CBD Gift Set 500mg

500 CBD 10ml


We’re always looking for ways to bring balance back into our lives. Our hormones, anxiety or sleepless nights can leave us feeling totally drained. Our CBD subscription service makes it easy to take your daily dose of CBD as you won’t run out.

About Our Remedy CBD Gift Sets

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CBD Gift Set: Moon Swings/ Pretty Peaceful is an ingestible daily CBD supplement. We recommend starting with half a pipette per day, under the tongue.

You could take it at any point in the day, first thing in the morning, ahead of a big meeting, just before bed. Find when it works best for you and your routine.

You can even drop it into your morning smoothie, hot chocolate or herbal tea!

  • Each bottle contains 5% broad-spectrum CBD, as well as grape seed oil and two key essential oils renowned for their soothing properties; Moon Swings: peppermint and clary sage and Pretty Peaceful: geranium, lavender, sweet orange.
  • The addition of peppermint/ orange oil means there is no hemp oil/earthy taste.
  • Our Remedy is cruelty-free, vegan & 100% natural, with eco-friendly & sustainable packaging.
  • The oil is THC-free and is a non-psychoactive compound.

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