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Rachel founder

Hey, I’m Rachel

The Founder of Our Remedy CBD

Hi, I’m Rachel and when you see articles written by me it’s usually a real life story and written from my experience. I’ve had quite a few ‘women’s’ issues over the years so can write quite comfortably about my experience.

You can read a little more about my story here and why I started Our Remedy.

I am really passionate about talking about our experiences instead of just bottling them up, so I talk in the hope I might help a few other women that are worried about. Anything I write about gets reviewed and fact checked by a medical professional. So although I am no Doctor (I’m actually a graphic designer!) you can rest assured what you’re reading is trustworthy information. 

I’m a pretty positive person and believe a positive mindset can go along way. So if you are concerned about something I hope what I write may put your mind at ease, and I’m always happy to answer any questions.