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  1. Anonymous (Verified)

    I received CBD remedy via Pip Box initially and have continued to purchase directly. There are some good discounts and great customer service! I like both the Peppermint and Peaceful products. I started at 500mg and have increased to 1000mg I definitely noticed a deeper sleep.

    Our Remedy CBD Pretty PeacefulOur Remedy CBD Pretty Peaceful

  2. Anonymous (Verified)

    I absolutely love this product! I started using it about 4 months ago and wouldn’t be without it now. I find it really calms me in the evening and my sleep is much more peaceful. I’ve not taken any medication for period pains for the last few months and I think my hormonal mood swings are a bit smoother too. Am I the only one who’s also found orgasms much better too!?!😏

    Our Remedy CBD Pretty PeacefulOur Remedy CBD Pretty Peaceful

  3. Bethan S. (Verified)

    Love this tea. Tasty and keeps me feeling great on on period

    Oh My Flo Adaptogenic Tea Oh My Flo Adaptogenic Tea

  4. Bethan S. (Verified)

    I absolutely love my CBD! Keeps me calm and helps me sleep so so well I truly miss it when I don’t have it

    Our Remedy CBD Pretty PeacefulOur Remedy CBD Pretty Peaceful

  5. Jenni (Verified)

    I absolutely love both of these products. The CBD oil is the nicest one I’ve tried and works brilliantly too. The tea is beautiful. Hot or over ice it’s become my favourite tea and really works to soothe me when I’m having an endometriosis or adenomyosis flare. I’ll definitely be ordering more and have already been telling my girls about Our Remedy.

    Period Pick Me Up SetPeriod Pick Me Up Set

cbd for menopause
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