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7 Tips to Champion Self Love

Self-love is all you need, there’s no-one quite like you!

Self love is all about putting your physical and mental well being first. If you don’t love yourself you may noticed increased stress and anxiety and it can be linked to feelings of overwhelm or being unhappy.

Because we all need to remind ourselves of how wonderful we are… 

Here are 7 tips to champion self love…

self love 1. Stop comparing yourself to others

With the average person spending 144 minutes on social media per day (yep, that’s almost 10% of 24 hours taken up peeking into other peoples lives) it’s no wonder we find ourselves comparing our situations with others.

But it’s precious energy wasted since it only makes us feel resentful and rubbish. Instead, shift your focus to your own journey. And remember, there’s only one YOU! 

self love importance 2. Find something you’re passionate about

Lockdown has left us all feeling a bit flat and uninspired, but fire up your passion and see if you can discover a new hobby, skill or creative talent you never knew you had.

Whether you’re intrigued by crafting, painting, sewing, candle-making or baking, there’s no harm in giving it a try – and enjoying some much needed me-time in the process!

3. Nourish your mind, body and soul

Life passes by in a blur of work, Netflix, Instagram scrolling and meal-times, so often it can help to press pause and tune into your body.

Consider how the food you’re eating makes your body feel – could you keep a food diary to see if there are any meals that might be causing you discomfort or bloating?

Are you slumped over all day and therefore could you weave in some light stretching each morning to help your body recover?

Are you finding the news overwhelming and so could you schedule in an hour each evening to switch off? self love

self love guide 4. Replace Netflix Marathons with sleep

I know, I know – it’s a hideous thought but sleep really is your superpower and helps all of your organs to function more effectively, giving you clarity and boosting your overall wellbeing.

Lots of us have been struggling to drift into a deep sleep thanks to what’s going on in the world so may need a helping hand.

Our Pretty Peaceful oil has been formulated to promote restful sleep and contains powerful essential oils of lavender and geranium, as well as CBD to ease anxiety and soothe you to the land of zzzz!

self love gratitude 5. Practice gratitude

It’s so easy to complain – and we all find ourselves doing it. At the time of writing it’s 2021 and we are in lockdown. No social get-togethers with friends, no meals out in restaurants, no holidays.

However if we reflect too often on the negative things, we can get ourselves into a slump that it’s difficult to pull ourselves out from.

So practising recording gratitude – and writing down the things that you’re grateful for (however small) can really shift your mindset and provide great benefit! Clean bedsheets? A hot cup of tea? New pj’s? A snuggly blanket? They’re all things to note down! 

self love always 6. Remember your value doesn’t lie in how you look

Associating our self-worth with our exterior selves is something we’ve been socialised to do from a young age – and it’s something social media heightens, so if you do feel this way – you’re not alone!

But self love is about practising complimenting yourself on your inner worth – all of the wonderful qualities that make you so lovely. When you next look in the mirror, inside of finding something to criticise, see if you can dish yourself a compliment instead. 

self love 7. Don’t be afraid to let go.

Feelings, toxic friends, expectations, rubbish box-sets. Holding onto something that isn’t serving you anymore is extremely draining so don’t be afraid to feel all the feelings and then let go. Distance yourself, move on and shift your energy elsewhere. 

Remember, love starts with you! With the world as it currently is, it’s even more important than ever before to champion self love & to remind yourself of your worth!

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Head over to our blog for 7 gifts you should buy yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

Lots of love, 

Our Remedy x

self love

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