Over 60 5* reviews | Our shipping is totally free!

Over 60 5* reviews | Our shipping is totally free!

our remedy Soy Ink

What is Soy Ink and why do we use it?

If you have been following our brand then you will know all about our ethos. We care about the environment and our impact on it, both in business and our personal lives. As a brand, we make sure that what we do is sustainable.

Our efforts include:

  • Recyclable packaging
  • Recycling schemes
  • Swap shop and charity events
  • Using soy Ink in our packaging 
  • Plastic-free options

our remedy soy ink package

What is Soy Ink?

Soy ink is an ink made from soybeans. Traditional ink is petroleum-based and is said to be less environmentally friendly. Aside from soy ink’s more positive impact on the environment, it also can provide a more accurate colouring and makes it much easier to recycle paper and packaging. 

3 reasons why soy ink is better for the environment 

It is renewable 

One big environmental consideration is whether something is renewable. Petroleum-based products will eventually run out. Soy, however, will be able to be grown over and over again. 

It is biodegradable 

Soy ink can degrade more than four times faster than petroleum-based inks. This makes the lifecycle of soy ink much shorter than others.

Easier to remove for recycling

Recycling paper goods involves removing inks from them. Soy ink is easier to remove and therefore means that the recycled paper or packaging is of a higher quality and the cost of the recycling process is less. 

Please recycle!

When you have finished with your Our Remedy CBD oil, please make sure that you put the box it came in and any packaging in the recycling. The glass bottle will be widely recycled too.

However, hold on to your dropper!

Once you have purchased your first bottle of Our Remedy CBD you will have a plastic dropper. When you order your next bottle you can opt for an aluminum cap and reuse the dropper you have at home. You will get £1 off as a bonus. 

You can also purchase Our Remedy from Vape and Juice and CBDStar if you have a shop near you.

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