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The New Life Routine You Need

Stuck in a rut? Feeling miserable but not sure why? Unmotivated?

Maybe it’s time to shake things up, to step back and take stock, and to start a new life routine.

At Our Remedy, we’ve found our way into some dark places. Over the years we’ve discovered what works to turn things around, and we’ve recognised our triggers too. 

Whether you’re reading this post in the lead-up to a New Year, or just a new week, we have got life routines to help you feel great, find motivation, and work towards your goals.

How to change your life with a new life routine

1. Move Everyday

If the word exercise makes you coil up then think of it as simply movement. Walk, skip, dance around the kitchen even –  it doesn’t matter what your movement is just get moving! Exercise releases feel-good hormones, helps you get to sleep easier and even gives you energy. If you’re brand new to exercise or if you just can’t find your motivation for it, try lots of different activities and find something that gets you excited.

2. Wake up before 8am

Yep –  even on weekends! Research has found that people who wake up early are optimistic, satisfied and feel positive. It also lowers your risk of mental illness.

3. Keep A Journal

Take yourself right back to being 14 and writing a diary with this one. Writing a diary helps you to voice your concerns and fears. It is also a great way to track symptoms and mood so you can understand any triggers, helping you control them in future situations. Decompressing the day might even help you get to sleep.

4. Follow People Who Inspire You

Social media algorithms are clever. Their goal is to show you more of the same when you are interested in something. Make sure you are following inspirational accounts and not looking at anything that reinforces negativity.

5. Eat Wholefoods

Eating whole foods that are nutritious (and delicious) can help you to think clearly and improve concentration. If you are eating lots of fried or sugary foods you will likely feel sluggish and suffer from peaks and dips in your mood and energy levels.

6. Keep Your Space Tidy

Before bed, every night, have a quick 10-minute tidy of your space. Wash up the final bits from the evening, put any dishes or clothes away, fluff the cushions –  make sure you leave it how you’ll like to find the space in the morning. This is a great way to avoid screen time before bed too! 

7. Create Goals

While it’s great to have big goals, don’t forget about the smaller ones too. The small, quick wins can give you a real boost, especially if they contribute to your wider goal too.

Committing to these goals isn’t always easy, but writing them down can help keep you focused even when temptation is trying to draw you away from your path. Keep your goals in the front of your mind with wallpapers on your phone or even post-it notes around the house. You could even create a vision board to help with visualisation.

Time for change with a new life routine 

We have seven ways to change your life here, but the truth is we could have so many more, like doing something out of your comfort zone, meditating, letting go of regrets, learning to live in the moment.

If you’re feeling like it’s time for a change, try out our life routine to get started.

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