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The Supplement You Need To Boost Female Libido (Plus 4 Other Ways to Naturally Boost It!) 

the supplement you need to boost female libido

Everyone’s sex drive can fluctuate over time, it’s very normal and natural. Your female libido can be affected by daily stresses, hormone fluctuations, and even age – although don’t worry it is possible to keep that sex drive rampant as you get older. We think we have found the supplement you need to boost female libido.

Why Female Libido Might be Low

There are many reasons why you could be experiencing low libido. Here are some of the most common:

  • If you’re experiencing relationship problems
  • Aspects of stress, anxiety or depressions
  • Sexual dysfunction; such as vaginal dryness
  • Hormonal changes – this can include through pregnancy or with age

There are a few more reasons why you can be struggling with a low libido, find out more on the NHS website

If you find you are struggling with low libido we have found 5 natural ways that can help you to boost your sex drive.

Up first…and what we are most excited about, the supplement you need!

Maca Root

Studies have shown that there are a number of herbs and adaptogens that can improve everything from libido to fertility.

One of the most popular being Maca Root. Maca is a Peruvian root, a very highly-studied aphrodisiac herb. It’s a popular supplement in the 21st century, however, it’s actually been used for around 2000 years. People have used it for sex drive, fertility, and energy levels. 

Taking concentrated Maca Root can benefit those with low libido and low sex drive. A study found that 45 women experiencing antidepressant-induce sexual dysfunction found that concentrated Maca Root every day for 12 weeks, significantly improved sexual function and libido.(1)

Now, if you’re thinking well this sounds great but where the heck do I get it to help my female libido!? (I can’t be flying to Peru anytime soon). Then you’re in luck, as we have decided to start selling supplements to support your health and your journey to natural health.

We are so excited to start selling Maca Root supplements. Inside our resealable, plastic free and beautifully illustrated supplement pack, you will find 60 vegan and cruelty free capsules.

Shop Maca Root here

On top of taking Maca Root everyday, there are other ways you can naturally boost your libido.

boost female sex drive


I know it sounds simple, but getting a good night’s sleep leads to having a better day. Having a good day will result in your body going through rest and recovery so you will feel better as well as lead to decreased feelings of stress. Everyday stresses can be a big reason why your libido is low – cut out the stress, boost the sex.

If you find you have mild sleep issues, like occasional insomnia or sleep anxiety there are many ways to help to improve your sleep naturally.

We find that CBD can help our body to relax and create a sense of calm. We use our Pretty Peaceful blend to aid our sleep. This blend is infused with Sweet Orange, Lavender and Geranium – 3 essential oils that are great for sleep too!

Also, give our blog “Yoga for Sleep | 5 Poses to Try for a Great Sleep” a read.

Remember, Good Sleep = Good Sex


I hope you don’t think we sound like a broken record but exercise has so many benefits for you and your body and you can add improved libido to that long list.

Exercise has actually been proven to increase libido – This is because exercise can help to create a more positive self image, improve cardiovascular health and mood. It also helps with releasing endorphins and other good hormones helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

Exercise also boosts your sympathetic nervous system (I know fancy science words) which in turn can help with arousal and sexual desire.

For us girls, we should start practising our kegel exercises, these strengthen your pelvic muscles, which leads to better orgasms.

Use It Or Lose It

The more you have sex, the more you want it! And this doesn’t just have to be with a partner, solo sex is also sex! So experiment when you’re alone too. Find what puts you in the mood from toys, to what you enjoy watching – there will be something that gets you going! Once you get started, you won’t want to stop.

Eat Libido-Boosting Foods

While there is no magic wonder food that will bring out your inner sex goddess.  There are a number of foods that have been known to improve your libido as a female. 

I am sure you have heard all about oysters being an aphrodisiac, and the rumours  are true! Zinc-rich foods, like oysters, can boost your sex drive by improving bloodflow and increasing the hormones that contribute to your libido.

Another aphrodisiac is the rather expensive spice, Saffron. There is some research into this that has suggested that Saffron could significantly improve your sexual arousal.

Foods that provide your body with crucial vitamins and minerals to increase blood flow to your sexual organs and promote a healthy sex life. These include foods such as avocado, figs, legumes and other fresh produce.

Love Yourself

It can be quite common for people who struggle with body image to also experience low sex drive. For us girls, the way we see our bodies can have a big impact on our arousal and sexual desire.

According to some research, body image is one of the biggest disrupter of sexual enjoyment and desire. (2)

If you feel as though your body is unattractive, it can lead to you having a lower sexual self-esteem which can cause you to avoid sexual activity. It then tends to happen that once one area of sex is disrupted that other areas are too.

It’s so hard to just accept your body for what it is when you have struggled with your body image. It may be worth trying something called body neutrality which is the idea of accepting your body how it is without forcing yourself to love it when that doesn’t feel possible. Just be grateful for the functions it performs for you.

Practise your affirmations, two of our favourites for boosting our sex drive is ‘I Am Sexy’ and ‘I Feel Confident’

Just Remember

While it is extremely normal and natural for your libido to change and fluctuate over time, it could also be helpful to check there are no medical causes for your low sex drive. If you feel you’re experiencing and sudden or drastic change in your sex drive, talk to your doctor.

As always, we are here to answer any of your questions and offer advice on our Instagram – @itsourremedy

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