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how to stop worrying so much

5 Ways To Stop Worrying So Much

ways to stop worrying

I’m reading a book at the moment which says worrying is an addiction. 

It says you should see if you can stop yourself from worrying when you start, and if you can’t, you may be addicted. 

I have found it really hard to stop, so I wanted to take a look into how to stop worrying and if there are any ways I can worry less… and I thought I would share it with you!

In this blog we will take a look at why we worry so much, ways to stop worrying and natural remedies that may help you. 

ways to stop worrying

Ways To Stop Worrying

Sometimes my head feels like it might explode with thoughts, or more precisely, worries. The funny thing is, I know that they are silly, that nothing really bad is happening to me and life is pretty good!

We are naturally programmed to worry a little bit but if your worries are taking over your life and interfering with your day to day it’s time to learn some methods to stop worrying so much.

1. Journal

I use a plain notebook with no prompts to write down whatever is on my mind. I let myself have a moment to worry, so the thoughts in my head pour onto the paper but I also write things I am grateful for. 

Taking time each day to think about things you’re grateful for is a great way to remind yourself (and your overthinking brain!) that everything is good. 

It’s such a productive exercise to force yourself to think about good things, once you start it’s actually quite hard to stop and your worries will fade. 

Try to do this in the morning. If you have kids (like me!) and the mornings are more coco pops and coco melon then do it at night, just before your head hits the pillow. Hopefully, this will help with a more restful night’s sleep, too.

2. Meditate

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert here, I find mediating hard. But every-time I look into anxiety and ways to stop worrying, this one is at the top. 

I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to meditation but here’s what I do…. 

Firstly, apps are great for guided meditations, there’s lots out there and also lots of videos on YouTube. This is the best way to start as you can do 2 minutes, 5 minutes and increase as you get more comfortable. 

I usually spray the room with a lavender spray, as its a signal to myself that this is the time to switch my mind off, and stop worrying!

3. Positive Quotes

The majority of our worries will never materialise into anything and they are totally pointless. 

You need to find ways throughout your day to remind yourself of this fact. 

A great way is to find positive quotes about worrying and add them to your phone screen saver or desktop, stick them on your bathroom mirror or listen to yourself saying them on voice recordings. 

One of my favourites is ‘worrying doesn’t prevent tomorrow’s troubles, it just takes today’s joy’

ways to stop worrying

4. Act On It

That’s if you can, of course.

Most of the time our worries are trivial and there is nothing we can do about them, and the things we are worried about probably will never happen. 

So if you can do something about your worry, do it! For example, right now one of my worries is my sons 5th Birthday is coming up and the entertainment just cancelled. This is more of a genuine worry, as I would really like entertainment there but it is also one I can act on.

If you can’t do anything about something you are worrying about, it’s time to let that worry go.

5. Look After Yourself

way to stop worrying so much

If you are worrying and feeling anxious you need to look after yourself. Self care should become a priority, make sure you’re moving daily and take your supplements

My favourite supplement for stopping my worries and easing my anxiety is Pretty Peaceful CBD and also ashwagandha

Take them every day, at the same time as part of a healthy and well balanced diet.

And that’s it! My top 5 ways to stop worrying. Hopefully this helps you and in turn eases your anxiety and gives you a better night’s sleep! 

We also have a blog on natural remedies for a good night’s sleep, if your worries are keeping you up definitely check that out

ways to stop worrying

To sum up: Ways to stop worrying

  1. Journal and express gratitude
  2. Meditate as much as you can 
  3. Remind yourself that worries are mostly pointless
  4. Act on the worry, if you can
  5. Look after yourself and try supplements 

Hope this helps!


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