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Wellness Tea | What’s the Tea?

Grab yourself a cup of wellness tea for this 3 min read!

Is there any problem that can’t be solved by a cup of tea? In shock. Sweet tea. Early start. Strong tea. Stressed. Herbal tea. 

In Britain, we love tea. In fact, 84% of Brits enjoy a brew. While coffee drinking is on the rise, a cuppa is still the nation’s favorite drink. It isn’t just the classic English breakfast we’re drinking either. It’s herbal infusions and wellness tea too. 

So, what is wellness tea? In this blog, we tell you all about wellness tea and why we love it!

What is Wellness Tea?

Wellness tea may combine a blend of botanicals such as herbs, spices or green tea. 

We find that some blends help to calm our mind with ingredients such as rosehip and chamomile, others  containing peppermint and licorice root we enjoy after a big meal to aid digestion.

Wellness tea can contain caffeine if it has a dose of green tea. Before bed, we always choose a caffeine free wellness tea. 

What we think is great about wellness tea

1. It’s delicious 

I love a warm and comforting drink that tastes great, and a wellness tea can offer that. Of course, not all of the blends will be to my taste but I love to experiment!

I really hate licorice and would NEVER choose to eat it. However, give me it blended in a tea any day! I try never to rule anything out now.

2. Wellness tea helped me

I find that a wellness tea can help me to focus, calm me down and aid relaxation. When I am on my period I feel a wellness tea is a great way to unwind and a warm drink always seems to help my cramps.  

For this, I love Oh My Flo

3. Drinking tea can make me feel better 

When I am unwell or flagging at 3pm fluids are so important. Sometimes I feel like a dehydrated plant- a little limp and lifeless!

Drinking water is great of course, but I feel a wellness tea gives me the added boost of the herbs while giving you a dose of hydration too. Herbal, caffeine free teas count towards one of your 8 glasses of water a day, bonus! 

When I am unwell I look for blend which contain honey, lemon and ginger.

4.Creates a ritual 

 Each afternoon I have a cup of my favorite blend to perk me up in the 3pm slump. There is something about taking the time to put the tea in the pot, find my favorite mug before sitting back down to work that really helps me focus. 

Creating a routine with my wellness tea can help me to settle down for an evening of relaxation, or boost energy when I need it most. 

5. Improve your hair, skin and nails

I am joining some dots here. When I started drinking cinnamon and turmeric tea I noticed that my nails and hair felt better. Could they be related??

Quick note: Beware ‘skinny’ tea is not wellness tea

While I love a cuppa, I am not going to be promoting skinny tea here. 

I know this type of warm drink will leave me making more trips to the toilet, therefore reducing my water weight as it may act as a laxative. 

If I see a celeb promoting their skinny tea, I think good for them. Then move on with my life and enjoy a wellness tea!

What’s the tea?

What wellness tea do you love? Share with us on Insta. We are @itsourremedy


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