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what to pack for keyhole surgery

What To Pack For Keyhole Surgery | 11 Essential Items

I’ve had multiple keyhole surgeries so I thought I would write a blog on what to pack for keyhole surgery, from my experience. These 11 items are essentials, so grab the list and find out why…


What to pack for keyhole surgery? No matter the reason you’re going in, here’s a rough idea of what youll need, based on my experience ❤️ #keyholesurgeryrecovery

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What Is Keyhole Surgery? 

Keyhole surgery (also know as laparoscopy) is ‘minimally invasive surgery’ according to the NHS website (personally, I still feel it is invasive, but hey ho!) It allows the surgeon to see inside your stomach without making a large incision (known as laparotomy, I have had that too and you can read about my experience recovering from a laparotomy here) 

I had keyhole surgery for ovarian cysts and also my hysterectomy. 

If you want to read about my personal experience of a hysterectomy or find out more about the symptoms of ovarian cysts, you should read these blogs. 

What To Pack For Keyhole Surgery | Essential Items For Keyhole Surgery  

Here is my list of things I pack for keyhole surgery:

  • Peppermint tea bags 
  • Trousers that sit under belly button 
  • A book / magazine 
  • Download a podcast or book 
  • Headphones 
  • Ear plugs / eye mask 
  • Supplements (CBD and magnesium for sleep!)
  • Snacks 
  • Slippers and dressing gown 
  • Phone charger 
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste 
  • Spare top 

Let’s dive into them all a little more, and let me explain why you should pack these for keyhole surgery. 

Peppermint Tea Bags After Keyhole Surgery

what to pack for keyhole surgery

Keyhole surgery involves putting gas in your abdomen and when that gas moves around your body it can get stuck in your shoulder for the next few days. Weird and random, I know. Also painful. Probably the most painful part of keyhole surgery I think! 

Peppermint tea is known for alleviating gas, so take some tea bags into hospital with you and ask for hot water. Also get stocked up at home, so you’re prepared. 

I usually just ask for hot water when the nurses see if I want a drink, and add my own tea bag. If you forget your teabag then ask for plain, warm water as it can also be helpful. 

Drop in some CBD for the ultimate relaxation!

Packing For Surgery: Trousers That Sit Under Your Belly Button

I have written an entire blog on what to wear after hysterectomy surgery, it’s pretty useful no matter what you’re having keyhole surgery for. 

BAsically you want trousers to sit just under your belly button, a midrise pair of lose trousers are ideal. I would suggest also packing nighties and oversized t-shirts for keyhole surgery. 

PJ trouser tend to have a midrise waistband so have a dig through your clothes and see what you have, no need to buy something new. 

A Book Or Magazine After (Or Before!) Keyhole Surgery 

Wifi in the hospital is usually pretty rubbish so pack a book or magazine to keep yourself occupied either pre or post surgery. If you’re more into audio books and podcasts then make sure you have downloaded it before your surgery. 

Supplements For Keyhole Surgery

It is best to check with your doctor that they are happy for you to take supplements around the time of your surgery, some say there are certain ones you shouldn’t take in the lead up to surgery. However after I really appreciate having CBD and magnesium with me as both give me a better night’s sleep, which I really appreciate when my body needs a rest after surgery!

Shop CBD and magnesium here

what to pack for keyhole surgery


If you have downloaded an audio book or podcast you will need headphones packed for after keyhole surgery. They are also pretty useful for listening to voicenotes from friends and family and music if that is something that you might want to calm pre surgery nerves. 

Ear Plugs or Eye Mask For Sleeping After Keyhole Surgery

You probably wont stay in overnight for keyhole surgery but just incase you do pack both of these. Hospitals are loud and lights can come on randomly, at any time of the night. You’ll be recovering and need the rest, so these are important for a good night’s sleep.

You might also appreciate a few drops of CBD or some magnesium for a good night’s sleep!

Post Keyhole Surgery Snacks 

I am always hungry (surgyer or not!) so I don’t really go anywhere without snacks. You probably won’t be able to move around much after your surgery so pack some snacks just incase the hospital food trolley takes a while or the food isn’t quite to your liking : )

what to pack for keyhole surgery

Slippers and Dressing Gown For Post Surgery Comfort 

I’ve never taken either of these and needed them so I wouldn’t say they’re a priority but some people like to have them. The slippers are for walking in your gown to the operating room and the dressing gown is just in case you feel you want it for comfort after. I find hospitals are usually hot so I wouldn’t need it, if you tend to get cold, you might want it. 

Phone Charger To Keep In Touch

You probably won’t get much signal in hospital but you will want to let your friends and family know how you are doing when you get a few bars of signal, so make sure you have packed your phone charger for your keyhole surgery. 

Also, if you are listening to audio books and podcasts you will be draining the battery!

ToothBrush and Toothpaste (just incase!) 

You probably won’t stay overnight but just incase you do, have this packed. 

Spare Top For After Surgery

This is a random one, and you won’t necessarily need it but I have been sick twice when I have woken up from anaesthetic, on my top and I had to get someone to bring me a spare. 

Conclusion: What To Pack For Keyhole Surgery 

There we go! I hope this has helped you with your list of things to pack for keyhole surgery. Any questions, feel free to email [email protected]

Rachel xx

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