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cbd for womens health and wellness

CBD for Women’s Health and Wellness Guide

In this women’s wellness guide we are going to talk about how CBD might help you with all things women’s wellness related.

CBd for womens health and wellness

Our Remedy was created to help support women’s health and wellness using CBD.

There is a whole list of how CBD may help women specifically, from mood swings to sleepless nights and endometriosis.

CBD oil added to your daily supplements may well be the solution you have spent years looking for. I mean, we’ve had some reviews from customers who have basically said that!

In this CBD for women’s wellness guide we are going to touch on some of the ways the cannabinoid may help us ladies. If you want to know a little more about the how, then click the links and they’ll send you on to a detailed blog on the topic. 


we talk about cbd and how it can help womens wellness

Here is a reason why so many of our customers use Our Remedy CBD for women’s health and wellness. This condition can be debilitating, causing days or weeks of pain, every month.

CBD may help to reduce the pain you feel from this condition. It is thought to work stopping the body from absorbing anandamide, which is a pain regulating compound. There are also thoughts on it interrupting the nerve pathways which send pain signals.

Read more about CBD for Endo flare ups here.

CBD for womens health and wellness


can cbd help womens health and wellness

This condition is another one to cause women pain and discomfort. CBD for women’s health and wellness could help to activate and curb compounds in your bodies endocannabinoid system. 

Read more about this here


cbd for womens health, can it help

Sleep is a big one. You might be struggling with it due to stress, pain, anxiety or just finding yourself unable to fully switch off. 

CBD is thought to help you relax and reduce anxiety. This may help you to get some shut eye. 

We share more sleep tips and how the cannabinoid may help here.


cbd and womens health and wellness

Anxiety is one of the main reasons why people take CBD. We go into some long words and detail on our blog, but this is how it may help in a nutshell:

  • Could help your body use its serotonin
  • May encourage your body to use its natural chemicals
  • Increases prefrontal cortex activation which lowers activity in the Amygdala
  • May help you sleep and feel relaxed
CBD for womens health and wellness


can cbd help womens health and wellness

CBD may help poly cystic ovarian syndrome by managing some of the symptoms. These symptoms include, fertility, anxiety, irregular periods, hormonal headaches and mood swings. 

Check out our post for some in depth info. 

cbd for womens health and wellness

Mood swings

can cbd help moody woman

This may be affecting you due to PMS or the menopause. Whatever it is, it isn’t pleasant. The cannabinoid may help you to feel calm and more balanced. 

Hormone imbalance

can cbd help womens wellness

Hormones play a part in so much of our bodies functions, including sleep cycles, reproduction, growth and development, mood, stress levels and body temperature. When they are out of whack you might notice some unwelcome changes. 

CBD may help with each of these issues, helping you to feel less stressed, sleep better and avoid those dreaded night sweats. 

If you are someone who’s hormone imbalance has caused their period to disappear, check out our post on how to get your period back when it goes. 

cbd for womens health and wellness


cbd for womens wellness - ultimate guide

Women’s health and wellness sometimes means surgery. It might be surgery due to a condition such as endo. CBD may help you to manage the symptoms of these various conditions, before you have to head down the surgery route. Post surgery, it may help you to manage the pain. 

We share post surgery diaries on our blog. If a laparotomy is something you are facing, head over there to read a real life diary. 

Sex drive 

cbd and womens issues

Your sex drive may be impacted by feeling stressed, anxious or in pain. If CBD could help in these areas it could also give your love life a boost! We share some ways it might help increase your sex drive. 

Period pain

cbd for womens health and wellness

If you are someone who finds themselves taking paracetamol and ibuprofen every month because of sickening period pains, CBD may help you. 

CBD is said to help relax smooth muscle tissue, which is the kind that lines the womb. When this muscle contracts it causes the pains.

A dose of CBD daily throughout the month could help to beat those aches. Also, if you do still need the paras and the brufen, you can take both together. 

Read more on CBD for monthly aches and pains.

cbd for perion pains


womens wellness

Here is one of our favourite reviews on CBD for making babies.

You can learn more about how it may help you in our post.

cbd for womens

Our Remedy was Founded by Rachel, who has a lot of issues related to women’s wellness. You can read our story here

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